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EWB Evolution

From kick-start to kick-ass

Bianca Anderson

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of EWB Evolution

Indonesia Country Program Commences December 2005 Formal Partnership formed with March 2011 Aborginal Corporation Yorta Yorta Nation Timor Leste Program Commences October 2009 Engineers Australia Becomes an Industry Partner 2002 Idea Ignited 14 People undertook overseas placements 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 April 2002 to travel overseas, conduct research for EWB and meet with other EWB organisations around the world Founder Danny Almagor takes Churchill Fellowship EWB Formally Registered 10 April 2003 First paid staff member First National Council 7 June 2004 First Overseas Placement Matt Walsh heads to Nepal to work with a community partner to develop a wind turbine that powers
villages without electricity May 2004 WA Chapter Formed December 2004 Cambodia Country Program Commences First EWB Conference ..Engineering a better world.. 12 January 2005 Three board members named in Engineers Australia “100 Most Influential Engineers” List High School outreach program launched 3 January 2006 Finalist in World Bank “Development Marketplace Global Competition” 8 May 2006 India Country Program Commences August 2006 First corporate partnership formed October 2006 EWB Challenge Launched Second EWB Conference ..Laying the Foundations.. 29 November 2007 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program
Launched April 2008 Reconciliation Action Plan Developed October 2008 First Field Officers Deployed to South and South-East Aisa November 2008 National EWB Conference ..Access 2008.. November Formalised Partnership with the Kooma Traditional Owners Association in Murra Murra Vietnam Program Commences December 2008 December 2008 2015 Strategic Aims Developed EWB Challenge Over 700 students across 26 universities participated 100th Field Volunteer Placement Kooma Energy Project Completed August 2009 EWB National Conference .. Engage 2009 .. November 2009 EWB Becomes an ACFID Signatory March 2010 Lizzie Brown is Appointed New CEO May 2010 Sri Lanka Program Commences June 2010 First Dialogues on Country Study Tour July 2010 Year of Humanitarian Engineering New Office in North Melbourne Australia
February 2011 Construction of Shipton's Flat Amenities Block Far North Queensland July 2011 200th Field Volunteer Placement August 2011 Engineering Excellence Award EWB's Humanitarian Engineering Education Program September 2011 Humanitarian
Engineering Conference .. Imagineering .. November 2011 Pro Bono Engineering Report Launched December 2011 Journal of Humanitarian Engineering Launched May 2012 Humanitarian Engineering Research Forum May 2012 Winner of Queensland Reconciliation Partnerships Award May 2012
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