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Project Lead The Way CEA

No description

justin zummo

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Project Lead The Way CEA

Instructor Info:
Mr. Justin Zummo
Email: jzummo@d125.org
Voice Mail: 847-415-4184
Free Periods: 1st and 2nd
Year Long Course
Project and Activity Based Learning
Architectural Design Process
Autodesk Revit Architecture Software
Learning Management System Website
Training in Milwaukee at MSOE
Final Exam = College Credit!
Project Lead The Way
Civil Engineering and Architecture

Unit 1: Overview of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Lesson 1.1 History of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Lesson 1.2 Careers in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Unit 2: Residential Design
Lesson 2.1 Building Design and Construction
Lesson 2.2 Cost and Efficiency Analysis
Lesson 2.3 Residential Design

Unit 3: Commercial Applications
Lesson 3.1 Commercial Building Systems
Lesson 3.2 Structures
Lesson 3.3 Services and Utilities
Lesson 3.4 Site Consideration

Unit 4: Commercial Building Systems
Lesson 4.1 Commercial Building Design Problem
Lesson 4.2 Commercial Building Design Presentation
Major Projects
Architectural Features
Affordable Housing Design
Keystone Library Renovation
Commercial Building Design Project
Students learn about...
History of CEA
Design Principles and Elements
Architectural Styles
... then apply that knowledge by selecting a structure, researching its design features and building a scale model of it!
Architectural Features
Students learn about...
Wood Frame Systems
Roof Systems
Materials Cost Estimation
Heat Loss and Gain
Green Building and Sustainable Design
Residential Foundations
Electrical Systems
Site Planning
Wastewater Management
Housing Design
Students learn about...
Land Use and Development Regulations
Commercial Floor, Wall and Roof Systems
Structural Efficiency
Beam Analysis
Commercial Foundations
Utility Systems
Soil Testing
Parking Lot Design
Stormwater Management
...then apply that knowledge by renovating an old warehouse into a library!
Library Renovation
Students learn about...
Team Building
Site Discovery
Property Description
Project Viability
Project Management
... then apply that knowledge by designing a commercial building on a given plot of land and present their work at the end of year in the form of a "Trade Show Competition"
Commercial Building Design Project
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