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Colette's Horses and horse care

No description

colette bradley

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Colette's Horses and horse care

By Colette Bradley
Tech Period 3
3/21/13 Horses and Horse Care Essentials Hoof pick The hoof pick is an important tool used to clean out the
inside of a horses foot. Rocks that are stuck in the hoof can cause busing and you can use this time to check for cracks and splits near the frog. Brushes Brushes keep a horse clean. There are many different kinds of brushes here are a few:
1.stiff brush
3.soft brush
4.mane and tail comb
5.spong groomer
6.grooming mitt When taking care of a horse you will need
the proper tools
1.Hoof pick
9.tack Food Horses eat a lot! These are some kinds of good food
3.grain cookies
There are also some poisonous foods that can hurt a horse like:
2.poision hemlock
3.milkweed maple
5.oak Time Horses love to run and play, a good horse owner needs to spend a lot of time with their horse. They need to clean it, love it, and ride it! Space Horses need a lot of exercise. They love to run around in fields
and graze. They also enjoy doing jumping courses in arenas. So a horse owner needs to have a lot of space. Vet Like all animals horses can get hurt or sick, when they
do you have to go to the vet. Horses also have annual vaccines they have to get.Vet bills are very expensive
but the horse is totally worth it. Shelter Horses need a covered shelter to go to when the weather is bad, sense they sleep standing they do not need any special bed a nice stall works out perfectly. Tack When you own a horse lots of tack can be used
In riding you can use:
1.Saddle English/western
2.Saddle pad
Horses can also wear a:
2.Cribing collar
3.Halter Water Water like food is a thing every
animal needs. A simple bucket that
is kept in their stall and filled with
a hose will work. References References References
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