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faiza iza

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Caffeine

Physiological Effects of caffeine on adolescents... (IvyRose Lin, n.d.) (INEED coffee, 2012) (Celestial Healing, n.d) Subtopics Internal Effects
External Effects
Future Implications Internal Effects Diabetes (type 2) reduces the risk of diabetes
glucose metabolism is balanced
improves levels of insulin production
too much caffeine consumption can be detrimental
-> hyperglycemia Internal Effects (con't) Organelle Effects Liver plays a key role in maintaining blood glucose
regular caffeine consumption decreases ALT (causes liver disease)
prevent the development of liver cirrhosis Internal Effects (con't) Organelle Effects linked to prevalence of kidney failure
natural antioxidants production is decreased
ripple affect on the body:
cardiovascular dysfunction
cancer (most extreme) Internal Damage Caffeine Intoxication long term caffeine consumers habituate to the effects (immune)
short term consumers are prone to larger internal effects because the body becomes confused
adaptation to caffeine leads to reduced levels of catechcholamine External Effects Teeth yellowing
Hair loss
Chipped nails (bitten) External Effects Used as therapy (relaxes/calms people)
Caffeine "crave" can have damaging effects
mood swings (happy/sad)
manic episodes
panic disorders
generalized anxiety Prevention
(Long/short - term) consume caffeine produced naturally
do not consume with alcohol, drugs or medications
moderation is key
drink large amounts of water to dilute caffeine (filters bladder)
monitor the intake (per day) Future Implications Educate avid caffeine drinkers
Caffeine intake should not be stopped at once
Find alternatives for comfort! The Effects of Caffeine on the Cognitive Process of Adolescents (University of Memphis, 2012) Table of Contents 1) Neurological diseases
2) Sleep
3) General cognitive process (Sleep deprivation in adolescents, n.d.) (Williams, 2011) NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES Blood brain barrier between the nervous system and the systemic circulation

In neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, this barrier leaks.

The properties of caffeine prevent this leakage (The Golden State, 2008) Alzheimer’s Disease/Memory Loss 1 cup of coffee a day for 12 consecutive weeks (Chen et al., 2008)
3 cups of coffee a day (Mann, 2012)
Both are considered moderate amounts of caffeine -> significance of moderation (Poliquin, 2012) (Smart Canucks, 2008) SLEEP Importance of sleep – memory, restoration, brain development, body relaxation, energy conservation. (Harvard University, n.d.)

Caffeine has forced adolescents into a shorter deep sleep duration and a longer short sleep duration (Conser, 2009) (Karpinski, 2013) (Romer et. al.,2008) (Obringer, 2012)
Caffeine does restore wakefulness and fights against low brain performance due to sleepiness. (Caffeine and Sleep, n.d.)

33% of the students that fell asleep during school had a 76% higher caffeine consumption than those who did not fall asleep (Caffeine and Sleep, n.d.) (Chemello, 2010) …Continued Long Term Effects of Sleep Deprivation Depression
Heart Problems
Memory Loss (Masson, 2011) (Jones, 2008) GENERAL COGNITIVE PROCESS The brain is responsible for an individual’s mood, behavior and their overall process
Since caffeine is a stimulant which acts directly upon the brain, the brain’s functions can be altered due to its intake. (English – Online, n.d.) (Farmand, 2011) Negative Effects Anxiety (Temple, 2009)
Nervousness (Temple, 2009)
Headaches (Rapoport et. al., 1984)
Fatigue & Faintness (Rapoport et. al., 1984)
Jitteriness (Temple, 2009) (Parent 24, n.d.) (Subedi, 2012) Positive Effects Self – esteem increases due to increased arousal/energy
Improved cognitive performance – faster reaction times
Quicker speed of processing new information
Improved memory and learning skills (Orma, 2012) (Straub, 2009) Nikita Kanani Social Effects of Caffeine (Wikimedia Commons, 2007) (Crowell, 2011) Decaffeinated coffee has 4mg of caffeine per 350mL
Chocolate milk: 14mg per 500mL
Tea (black or green): 8-55mg per 240mL
Espresso: 40mg per 30mL Did You Know? (Wright, 2011) Caffeine Content of Drinks, (n.d.)) Short - term effects
Long – term effects
Advertising Topics (Muscle and joint clinic, (n.d.)) Enhances concentration
Improves alertness
Clears the mind
Relieves headaches
Cures hunger pangs and fatigues
Improved mood
(Topik, 2009) What Gets Adolescents Addicted (Slate, 2012) Loss of energy and concentration
Can’t sleep at night
Tired throughout the day
High stress levels
Depressed mood

(Cline, 2012) Short-term negative side effects (Wikipedia, (n.d)) Nausea
Memory loss
Mood swings

(Cline, 2012) Withdrawal (Arellano (n.d)) (May, 2012) Coffee companies – Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Second Cup, Coffee Culture
Energy Drink companies – Red Bull, Monster Who’s Advertising the drug? (Andreev,(n.d)) (Bierundso, 2011) Socially acceptable (Topik, 2009)
Instagram Starbucks coffee
Binge drink at night clubs (Woolsey, 2010) What is Advertising Doing? (Lewis, 2012) (Credits, (n.d)) Interpersonal problems
Impulsive extravagance
Feelings of anxiety and insecurity
High marijuana use
(Cline, 2012) Energy Drink Popularity Effects (Energy drink, 2013) Ontario Cafeterias limitation on Caffeine
Adolescents crave it more
Caffeine Education
(Beard, 2013) Prevention? RESEARCH QUESTION? What are the cognitive, physiological, and social effects of caffeine on adolescents? What is Caffeine? a chemical found is various foods and beverages
acts as central nervous system stimulant
can be produced naturally in plants or synthetically
commonly found in the following beverages and foods:
soft drink (cola)
consumed by mouth
temporarily increases mental alertness (feel awake) (WebMD, n.d.) (Square2 Marketting, 2011) (Cartoon clip, n.d.) (Holmes et al., 1992) (Holmes et al., 1992) (Holmes et al., 1992) (Grow Your Family Strong, 2012) (National Kidney Foundation, 2012) (Livestrong Foundation, n.d.) (Livestrong Foundation, n.d.) (Livestrong Foundation, n.d.) (Livestrong Foundation, n.d.) (Relieve Anxiety Now, 2012) (Disability in Business, n.d.) (Holmes et al., 1992) (OMG top ten, 2013) (Skincare, n.d.) (Health&Wellness, 2010) (Holmes et al., 1992) (Addicts, n.d.) (Comic Release, 2003) (Shearer et al., 2008) (Shearer et al., 2008) (Vetmediline, 2013) (University of Maryland, 2011) (O'Connor, 2001) (Shafique et al., 2012) (University of Minnesota, 2010) 57% of children 9 years and under consume large amounts of caffeine daily... (Virtual Medical Centre, 2012) 42% of teens between the age of 12-17, reported to consume energy drinks regularly... (Virtual Medical Centre, 2012) 72% of all teens consume higher than the recommend intake of caffeine for adolescents, daily... (Beststuff,2010) CONCERNS? QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? WORK CITED
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Water Clear glass of water – Grow Your Family Strong. (n.d.). Grow Your Family Strong. Retrieved from http://growyourfamilystrong.com/about/science-behind-grow-your-family-strong/healthy-eating-plate/water/glass-of-water/ CONCLUSION? There are balanced amounts of positive and negative effects Caffeine should be consumed in moderate amounts
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