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Parent Guide to Social Media

No description

Shelley Coughlin Porter

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Parent Guide to Social Media

A Parent Guide to
Social Media

Yes, Bullying Is Still A Problem
Pro Tips!
How Are We Supposed to Know?
Does This Mean My Kid Will Never Mess Up?!
How Hooked Are You?
Students today live simultaneously in two worlds: the physical and the virtual. They don't consciously make the decision to be actively engaged in one or the other; to students, they both just ARE.

Both worlds exist at the same time, all the time.
Even though students don't necessarily make a decision about whether to be present in the physical or virtual world, it is still true that it's easier to say hurtful or cruel things from behind a screen.

It's up to us to make sure they know that behavior isn't acceptable in any format or venue.
Keep computers in a central location
Check browser history frequently
Smartphones are turned off and kept in central location at night
Smartphone use is monitored by parents
Social media use is monitored by parents
Model excellent digital etiquette
Model a balanced, healthy lifestyle
Obviously, your kid is perfect.

But they're still going to mess up, because they're a kid. Having clear, known consequences will help both of you make the best decisions possible when they do.
What Are They DOING Online, Anyway?
Changing the Way We Think About "Online"
Ask any student how they communicate with their friends- the answer may surprise you.
For those of us who are not used to keeping up with technology trends, it's going to take some work.

Ask! Asking your student about different social media and apps shows them you're invested and interested in their world. Plus, they're less likely to keep secrets if they think you're in on it!

Take some time every week to look through the top apps and read through your students' social media updates
AWeber Communications, April 2012
How many of these terms do you recognize?
Remember: you're the parent!
According to MA State Law: Cyber¬bullying is bullying through the use of technology or electronic devices such as telephones, cell phones, computers, and the Internet. It includes, but is not limited to, email, instant messages, text messages, and Internet postings.
Even if it only happens once, it's considered cyberbullying.
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