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No description

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of Trash

Trash Summer Reading
By, Andy Mulligan
This story takes place at a dumpsite in Behala (a third world country).
Poor unfortunate people live there.
They spend thier days on top of trash piles.
Picking through the rubbish looking for something valuable to sell
Raphael (one of the mai characters) is one of the trash boys
He makes 200 pesos on a good day and 50 on a bad day.
Gardo (The other main character) is another trash boy.
They find something that changes thier lives.
Police come in search of what they found not knowing where it is and who has it.
It is a wallet with 1,100 pesos in it and an ID card with the name Jose Angelico.
There was also a key with the numbers 101 on it and a map of the city.
They ask a boy named Jun-Jun (the third main character) to hide it for them.
One day they find the locker 101 ata train station and gain a letter in it.
The letter is to a man named Gabriel Ortiz.
The letter says that he stole 6 million pesos from the vice president who Jose worked for.
Police search for the boys to arrest them or even kill them.
The boys search for his grave from all of the clues they gain along the way
They dig out 6 million pesos.
Buy boat and train tickets tickets to leave Behala and go to an island.
They then buy their own boats and will fish for a living for the rest of their lives.
Biography and Interview
The author of this book, Andy Mulligan, was from South London. He was employed as a theater director for ten years. Then he traveled to Asia and decided to retrain as a teacher. He taught English and drama in Britain, India, Brazil, and the Philippines. He spends his time in London and Manila ore often now.
My Recommendation
Trash was a very good, well written book. I liked the book because it was mostly adventure and mystery. It also gave me knowledge about how third world countries really are. People who would enjoy reading this book would be people who like adventure and solving a mystery or problem. This author used some cause and effect, but he chose to use more suspense. The characters from the beginning to the end matured and came from being insanely poor to having millions of dollars. While a was reading this i felt nervous for the main characters during their journey. This book was so interesting that i kept reading if the author used a cliff hanger. I don't think this book was very realistic because the chances of some one stealing 6 million dollars from a vice president are very small, and three boys solving a mystery like that could be very difficult.
Themes Of The Book
Friendship: The three boys relied on friendship throughout the whole story and never lost it.






Poverty: This was a major theme of the book because all of the three main characters lived in poverty and found a way to leave it.
Trust: The three friends who stuck together during their journey each had to trust each other in order to solve the case.
Loyalty: All of the three boys were loyal to each other and would never leave one another behind.
Favorite Paragraph
"I needed time to think, so i stood there, dumb. Maybe there was a bit of calculation going on as well. If they had money to give away, then they could be raised up over ten, and we could get it all up front. If it was precious enough for them to come all this way out to see us, then perhaps ten thousand would turn into twenty?
My auntie said, 'Raphael found something, sir.'
She nodded, and all the police were looking straight at me."
This is my favorite paragraph of the book because it is the turning point of the story. Because his auntie mentioned that now the police have a good idea of who has what they were looking for. Also, it made the three boys adventure much more difficult because the police were looking for them the whole time.
Mulligan says he is "disappointed" from when he had been told that he was a nominee for the Favourite Stories category of the prize. This award is for the TV programme's audience of, six to 12-year-olds. He does not think his book should have been nominated for that age group. "For those who do get it. Trash is an emotional read that does not pull its punches," says Mulligan.
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