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Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile Crisis

No description

Katelynn Ocariza

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile Crisis

Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile Crisis
By Damien, Jarod, and Katelynn
What was it?
It was the US attempt to take out Fidel Castro, a Communist leader of Cuba.

Castro was closely allied with the Soviet Union.
What led to this?
Fidel Castro led a revolution to overthrow the current government.

The US was concerened because this gave Communism a "foothold in the Americas."
The CIA tasked to eliminate Castro by training Cuban exiles in guerrilla warfare.
The attack was planned to happen in Trinidad, but JFK wanted it to happen in a more private place.

was a more ideal spot, hence the name of the invasion.

Planes were to fly in and destroy the air force.
Then soliders would land, and hope that other Cubans will join in on the overthrow.
The CIA attempted to keep the attack a secret, but an abundance of people knew, and Cuba eventually found out, so they knew it was coming.

April 17,1961: Invasion day
It failed. Horribly.
The Cuban Air Force was damaged, but enough planes were left to attack the aggressors.

Unloading the equiptment took too long so US ships were sunk by the Cubans.

Many of the invaders were
caught and imprisoned.
Important Figures
John F. Kennedy
Fidel Castro
Nikita Khrushchev
US President at the time
Cuban Communist
Leader of USSR during the Cold War
Why was this significant?
The US was trying to prevent Communism from taking place in America

With Fidel Castro ruling in Cuba, this highly concerened JFK and the US.
What was it?
Missiles were being installed in Cuba by the USSR.

This concerned the US, as the missiles were in range of reaching America.

"Long live the eternal,
indestructible friendship
and cooperation between
the Soviet and Cuban
Why was this significant?
The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest that the United States and Soviet Union came to a nuclear war.
What led to this?
Bay of Pigs.

US installed missile sites in Turkey and Italy, which is within range of Moscow. Moscow was the USSR capital.

USSR wanted missile sites near the US, and Cuba wanted protection.

This led to the installation of the missiles in Cuba and the concern of a nulear war starting.
Crisis begins
Oct. 14, 1962: American U-2 planes fly over Cuba and see missile sites.

JFK calls a meeting with main secretary advisors.
They debated on whether they should invade or not.
Decision: Naval blockade
Oct. 22, 1962: The plan to set up a blockade was announced.

The missile bases were exposed to the world, Cuba was put into isolation, no weapons were allowed to enter the country, and an attack on US from Cuba meant an act of war from the USSR.
The USSR publicly refused to remove the missiles, but secret negotiations were made with the US.

Agreement: The USSR agreed to remove the missiles as long as the US consents to not ivade Cuba and remove nuclear missles from Turkey and Italy.
The end of the Cuban Missile Crisis restored America's faith in JFK after the fail of the Bay of Pigs and Berlin Wall.
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