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A Community Forum

No description

Gail Mooney

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of A Community Forum

Health Care Exchanges - what they are and how they may affect your business.

Learn of recent changes and
how they might impact
employers & employees
Pat Bellmore, Regional Manager -
Eastern ND
A Community Forum
Affordable Care Act
Brad Gibbens, Moderator
Traill County
Social Services
Kim Jacobson, Social Services Director
Pamela Nelson, Economic Assistance Program Lead
Valley Community
Health Centers
Sharon will explain how their Certified Application Counselors, Mary (Outreach & Enrollment) and Rae Ann (Family Services), can assist community members in understanding and registering
for new Medicaid benefits or the
Health Insurance Marketplace.
Blue Cross
Blue Shield
of North Dakota
Mayville State University
Classroom Auditorium
Next to Lewey Lee Fieldhouse
(Parking in Lot F)
On the Affordable Care Act
Am I affected?
What does it mean?
What will it cost?
Join us as a panel of local and regional professionals, familiar with the ACA,
explain aspects of the new law
and answer audience questions
So many questions.
Brad Gibbens is the Deputy Director of the Center for Rural Health at the University of North Dakota. Brad has a deep understanding of the Affordable Care Act and also a deep understanding of local efforts to
implement the law in North Dakota.
Brad will provide easy-to-understand information on the Affordable Care Act
and help facilitate
panel discussion.
ND Medicaid Expansion
It's expected that 20,000 - 30,000
North Dakota citizens will be affected by
Medicaid expansion.
Sharon Ericson, Chief Executive Officer
Kim and Pam will provide information
on the application process and how
individuals can prepare to
apply for assistance.
MarketPlace Exchange
Enrollment Assistance
(Next to Lewey Lee Fieldhouse)
Wed., Nov 6
7 - 9 pm
Wed., Nov. 6 • 7 - 9 pm
Anyone interested in learning
more on the
Affordable Care Act,
its affects and
Mayville State University
Classroom Auditorium
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