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My Life

No description

Rileigh Adkins

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of My Life

My life
By: rileigh adkins

Table of Contents
chapter 1
Chpter 2
My Life
March 1, 2000
August 12, 2013
I was born in Livonia, Michigan
March 2, 2000
I met my best friend Sadie
My life on a timeline
December 5, 2001
My sister Sydnne was born
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9
chapter 10
August 15, 2005
My first day of knidergarden
November 19, 2008
My brother Grayson was born
August 15, 2011
I started Middle School
I started eighth-grade
By: Rileigh Adkins
Chapter 3
My family
My Dad Jon
My Mom Stacy
My Sister Sydnee
My Brother Grayson
My Grandma Linda
My Mimi Michelle
My Papa Bill
My Papa Stephen
My Great Grandma Sally
My Great Grandpa Jim
My Aunt Becky
My Aunt Heather
My Aunt Gigi
My Aunt Angie
My Aunt Leigh
My Aunt Megan
My Uncle John
My Uncle Mike
My Uncle Scott
My Uncle Tim (T)
My Uncle Mike
My Cousin Brody
My Cousin Wyatt
My Cousin Tyler
My Cousin Chase
My Cousin Dean
My Cousin Bryn
My Cousin Madison
My Cousin Vivian
My Bestfriend Sadie who is like my sister
I plan to go to Seminole High School for the Acamedy of Health Carrers next year, which my freshman open house in on the Febuary 4th.
I also plan to go to UCF for their nursing program which I hope to major in NICU nursing the graduate and get a job and live in eather California, Florida, or Michigan.
Teen Wolf
The Fosters
Pretty Little Liars
The Bachelor
David Beckham
Channing Tatum
One Republic
Fall Out Boys
The Script
Bruno Mars
Luke Bryan
School most times
Conditioning after practice
Crowds after a concert
Any other bugs
When people chew with their mouth open
When my favorite shows get cancled
I am 13 years old and in 8th grade at Jackson Heights Midel school I plan on going to Seminole High School for the Academy of Health Careers. I came to Jackson Heghts in 7th grade and had Ms. Smith for journalism first period last year which was a blast. I was born in Livonia, Michigan and moved down here when I was about one. I lived in Orange County for most of my life. I have lived in ten different houses. I have one brother named Grayson and one Sister named Syndee. I am the oldest right now I have one dog neamed Lexi, three cats names Whyskers, Chricket, and Midnight, I have one turtle named Einstein. My birthday is on March 1, 2000.
I hope to go to England, Paris, Londan, And Italy and most of the states on the Unted States . I hav ealready been to Georga, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, the Bahama's, Florida Keys and Mexico.
I am 5'3 with brown eyes. I am a natural dark brown haired girl but I dye my hair. I have had braces since 6th grade. I have glasses but I wear contacts. I am outgoing but I am also quite. I did soccer for most of my life (12 year to be exact) but I quit and now I do cheer at a new gym called High Preformance.
Chapter 1: My Birth........ Slide 15
Chapter 2: My Family............ Slide 19
Chapter 3: Early Life..... Slide 22
Chapter 4: Later Life........ Slide 31
Chapter 5: Memorable Events......... Slide 34
Chapter 6: Me, Myself & I....... Slide 40
Chapter 7: Likes & Dislikes...... Slide 45
Chapter 8: Feelings.......... Slide 50
Chapter 9: How Others See Me.... Side 54
Chapter 10: Future Plans.......... Slide 59
Memorable Events
My 10th birthday it was a carnival theme I had my Aunt Nana face paint an a teacher at my school that my mom was friends with DJ and it was super fun
The time I spent all summer up in Michigan
The time my grandma and grandpa took me up to New York to see my bestfriend Sadie
The time my dad took me to Cedar Point and we rode Top Thrill Dragster I was super scared
The first time my Uncle T took me to Cedar Point
When I moved from all my friends in Orange County in 6th grade and moved here.
My bestfriend Sadie
My dad
My sister Sydnee
I feel very stongly about homework. Teachers should give us less homework because it causes stress on us and we already have enough.
I also feel very strongly about bullying because everyone is unique in their own way and they should not be punished for it.
I do believe in God and Jusus and the Holy Bible because that is what I believe in and not because my parents do it is because I do and that is what I choose to believe
I was born in Livonia, Michigan at 1:15 p.m. my mom and dad were at our house playing Rummy on the floor when her water broke. She was in labor for 30 hours and she thaught it was funnyt that she went into labor on Leap Year. The only people in the room was my mom, dad, and grandma and of couse the doctor and nurses.
I was 7 pounds 3 ounces. I was born with a full head of black hair with was alittle odd. My first hair cut was when I was 7 days old. My mom taught a little girl named Riley and loved that name so she changed it around a little and got Rileigh. She said the first 6 months were crazy because I puked everywhere but the first year was also exciting. I was allergic to breast milk so I threw up a lot. I have a baby book, scrapbook, pictures, and home video's. My last name means Vincit cum legibus arma which means Wins with the laws of war. My name Rileigh means courageous.
I became a big sister and m mom said I was a very good help
I did dance and soccer at the same time
My mom says I used to say that my fingures would walk into my mouth which I think is funny.
I saw Hannah Montana in concer with my mom and sister. I also took a road trip all around Texas with my mimi, mom, and sister. My great grandpa and great grandma both died but out of all that I became a big sister again.
My best friend Christan said t"hat I am funny a good friend always happy and postive."
My sister Sydnee said "that she see my older sister as a brave 13 year old who takes care and helps her younger sibling."
My friend Pamela said that "I am a good friend, trustworthy, reliable, caring, amazing and that she could come up with so many more but it would take years.
My mom sais "My daughter is a beautiful example of kindness and compassion. She lights up any room with her infectious smile. I am truly blessed to have been given the chance to be her mother and to watch her grow into the amazing young women that she has become.
My brother Grayson
Most of my family
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