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Global Marketing | IKEA Case

No description

Dylan Hauser

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Global Marketing | IKEA Case

Celine Silvius
Darryl Romijn
Jelle Piers
Jurjen Hartveld
Tijmen Hoogenboom
Remco van den Broek
Dylan Hauser

Global Marketing
Would IKEA be described as a global company or a transnational company?
Question 1
IKEA is a Sweden based global furniture powerhouse, worth about $31 billion.
Operates in over 38 countries worldwide
“social ambition"
Restaurants and cafes
Small food shops
'to create a better everyday life for the many people’
Global Company
Transnational Company
Present in many countries.
Use same image/brand.
One corporate office responsible for strategy.
Present in many countries
Also have one corporate office
Give decision making, and marketing powers to each country.
Adjusts their products to local needs
Would IKEA be described as a global company or a transnational company?
Global company with influences
of a transnational company
90% of the products are the same in more than 20 countries.
But they do adjust some of their products a little bit.
Almost everything is developed
at headquarters.
But they do adjust slightly to local needs
Ikea's pricing policy



Question 3
What does it mean that IKEA pursues a strategy of cost focus?
1. unconventional approach made them large

2. substitute products

3. low prices
4. competitive advantage

5. perceived quality

6. used strategies & models
•Strengths of euro decreased
•Economic downturn in Europe
•Competitors (Walmart)

•High customer service (Restaurants, baby-care, grocery-store and a supervised room that children can play in)

•1600 suppliers in 55 countries
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