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The Plains Indians

No description

David Parks

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The Plains Indians

The Plains Indians
Learning about the Plains Indians
starts with learning about bison!
Before horses, hunting bison was
very difficult, so few indian tribes
lived on the plains.
That all changed when
Europeans arrived in
America with horses!
With the horse, Indians
could now hunt the bison
much easier.
Several new tribes
moved onto the plains
to enjoy the resources
provided by the bison.
The bison gave the Plains
Indians several resources
they needed!
The Comanche Indians
Most Comanche Indians now speak English . Some still speak their native Comanche language.
The Comanche were located on the Southern Plains. They lived in parts of present day Oklahoma , Texas, and New Mexico.
Comanche's were some of the most skilled horse riders in North America. They were fearless and savage in battle.
Food and Homes
One of the ways the bison helped the Comanche was by providing skin for teepees. The teepee was easy to move, had a flap to for access that also served to let cool air in. Another way bison helped the Comanche was by providing meat. Bison meat was eaten for protein. Since the Comanches followed the herds, they could not farm, and often traded bison meat for vegetables.
Tools & Clothes
The Comanches made tools and clothes out of bison skin and bones. This is another way that the bison helped provide resources the Plains Indians needed. Sometimes they used fruits to dye clothes so their clothes would be more colorful.
Trade and Ceremony
The Comanche Indians got most of their produce from trading. They mostly traded the buffalo parts for fruits and vegetables. They also were also skilled at stealing horses which they would then trade to other indian tribes. One ritual was the pipe smoking ceremony. They did this when they met for prayer.
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