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Do aliens have more advance technology?

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Do aliens have more advance technology?

Are aliens among us?
An alien civilisation may have become so advanced it has woven itself into the fabric of the universe in the form of dark matter.

Dark matter largely remains a mystery to scientists, with experts still unable to distinguish what exactly it is made up of – despite the fact that they know it makes up slightly more than 26 per cent of the universe.

However, a theory now put forward Caleb Scharf, director of astrobiology at Columbia University, is equally astonishing, baffling and even terrifying.

Professor Scharf claims that life elsewhere could have evolved far beyond a physical form. If the history of the universe was laid out as a clock, modern humans would only appear in the very last milliseconds of the day. In other words - we are still in our infancy.

The likelihood is that other civilisations came about before we did, and as such would be far more evolved than us.
does area 51 have aliens
what's true is that Area 51 is real and still very active. There may not be aliens or a moon landing movie set inside those fences, but something is going on and only a select few are privy to what's happening further down that closely-monitored wind-swept Nevada road.
Since the human race first got a basic understanding of aliens, almost everyone on Earth has likely had an idea on what alien might look like with being little green people.
Do aliens have more advance technology?

It is a known fact that if aliens invaded, it would be our puny kill-one-person-then-reload-for-half-a-second-or-more-firearms against their super-cool-ultra-mega-thingy-laser-mumble-quantum-force-unobtanium-whatever-ray-guns. We might also have some inferior reverse-engineered-tech-that-the-government-has-been-working-on-since-that-flying-saucer-crashed-and-nobody-noticed-and-it-was-all-hushed-up.According to some theories, life is so easy to create, that all of it should have appeared at roughly the same time. So, we have had as much time as them to develop our war machines.
how do aliens look like
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