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Copy of Student-Parent Research Team

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Christ XUE

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Student-Parent Research Team

Student-Parent Research Team
R'Families, R'Futures
A preliminary overview of the study of the student-parent population at UCR.
What are we about?
The Student-Parent Research Team was created in the Fall of 2013 when two undergraduate research teams merged together to conduct research on students with children here at the University of California, Riverside
How did we go about gathering the Data?
What Does a "Student-Parent" Look Like?
What does that mean?
The majority of student-parents are minority, single-headed households that live in or near poverty while pursuing their degrees at the University of California-Riverside.

This is alarming within itself, but the data we collected from the Neeeds-Survey collaborates what we see in the data from Enollment Managment Systems
The Student-Parent Research Team, known as SPRT, was created with the express purpose of creating a demographic profile of students with children, assess the experiences of student-parents at UCR as well as highlight their needs as post-traditional students in a higher education setting.

To evaluate student-parents’ utilization of family resources (e.g., child care), social resources, and financial resources at UCR, and assess the extent to which student-parents experience UCR as a family-friendly campus.
Two Sources of Data:
A Needs Assessment Survey of the current student-parent cohort
University records as provided by Enrollment Management Systems
First Generation
Transfer Students
Average age: 26
Average amount of children: 1.7
Source of Data: Nixon, Morgan. "UCR Demographic Report: Student-Parents." Enrollment Management Systems at the University of California, Riverside, 2014
Profile of Current Student-Parents
Demographics-Where to go from here?
UCR's Development Center
29% of Student Parents take their Child to the CDC
85% Receive funding
A child spends on average, 26 hours per week
11% of Student-parents are not satisfied with the CDC as a resource overall.
10% of students are not satisfied with they hours they receive childcare for.
According to UCR every student should spend 3 hours per unit doing school work
At a minimum a full time student should spend 36 hours per week on school work
92% of student parents are full time students.
Unfortunately, on average student parents have 10 hours less to do their school work, with what is recommended by UCR.
Lactation Rooms
There are 2 lactation rooms at UCR
92% of student-parents are not aware of the existence of lactation rooms.

REC Center
79% of Student parents have never used the Student Recreation Center
60% stated that they would attend if onsite childcare were provided.
Difficulties Due to lack of Child Care
• Even though some student-parents have their child at the CDC or at other child care facilities, overall
• 78% of all student-parents missed lecture, lab, or discussion at least once due to a lack of childcare.
• And 69% of students find it difficult to find a reliable childcare.

Other UCR Resources
38% of Student Parents think UCR's resources for them are insufficient.
40% Childcare
22% Housing
35% Grant and Scholarships
26% UCR transportation (RTA)
Child Care

a currently enrolled student at the University of California-Riverside who provides at least 50% of support to at least one born child while pursuing their academic program.

an individual who pursues a postsecondary degree after having prior work or life experiences not typical of "traditional" college student.

Since the 2009 academic school year until now we've had
1, 826
student-parents enroll at the UCR.

Presented by Morgan Nixon-Sociology UCR,
Nerli Paredes Ruvalcaba-Psychology UCR, Roman Nunez-Sociology UCR, Cinthya Gonzalez-Sociology UCR, and Anna Sanchez- Sociology UCR

Total enrolled:

Undergrads: 67% Graduate: 33%

Female: 62% Male: 38%

The Average income is:
66.7% of student-parents live below the average income

The Median income is: $
Median income differs by sex, ethnicity and martial status
Source of Data: Nixon, Morgan."UCR Demographic Report: Student-Parents." Enrollment Management Systems at the University of California, Riverside, 2014
Enrolled UCR Student-Parent for the academic year 2013-2014
In regards to the data request, I'd like to do
more data mining and multivariate analysis, complete an enrollment projection for 2020 student-parent population as well as acquire the retention rate for student-parents.

And now for Future Research!
Three Aims

1. • demographic profile of current UCR Students
2. • Campus climate is a composite measure, whose 9 items are averaged and whose response options range from strongly disagree to strongly agree.
3. • campus climate and student-parents’ academic performance
Student Parent Survey Findings
There are no official figures on the student-parent population size. However we estimate there are 400 student parents at UCR. 106 of them responded to the survey, the following statistics describes this sample.
33% graduate students
67% undergraduate students
75% are transfers
Survey Findings
73% are female
61% students of color
42% 30+ years old
13% 18-21 years old

Grade Point Average
graduate students
undergraduate students
37% are single parents
58% have one child, 42% have two or more children
The children’s ages range from 6 months old to 19 years of age
Campus Involvement
97% have difficulty
participating in campus activities

What factors contribute to this outcome?
Another Factor: Cost
Attended 0-1 UCR event:
Attended 0-1 Dept. event:

25% would not feel comfortable bringing their child/ren to campus

39% would not feel comfortable bringing their child/ren to school related events on campus

39% stated that UCR is NOT a family-friendly campus
$$$ Undergraduates $$$
58% are living
the poverty line

The mean monthly income:

$1, 735
The mean # in household:

Any Questions??
Thank You for Coming to our Presentation !!
Contact us at
Morgan Nixon:
Cofounder/Developer/ Demographics:
Roman Nunez
: CoFounder/Developer/Survey Manager:
Anna Sanchez:
CoFounder/DEveloper/ Survey Manager:
Nerli Paredes Ruvalcaba:
Administrations/Content Creator:
Cinthya Gonzales
: Adminitrator/Content Creator:

Only 46% receive
90% find it difficult to financially support their family
63% stated that their financial situation has kept them from meeting basic student needs
60% rely solely on financial aid to pay for their academic expenses
24% also solely rely on financial aid to pay for their living expenses
The mean monthly income:
The mean # in household:
Quartile Income:
Median Income of 25% percentile:
Median Income of 50% percentile:
Median Income of 75% percentile:
Median Income Student-Parent Cohort 2013
Source of Data: Nixon, Morgan. "UCR Demographic Report: Student-Parents." Enrollment Management Systems at the University of California, Riverside, 2014
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