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seven characteristics of civilization

stable food supply social structure government religion the arts technology writing

kierra vargas

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of seven characteristics of civilization

technology/writing stable food supply 7 characteristics of civilization civilizations need a stable supply of food.
societies can only thrive with plenty of food.
domesticating of animals and agriculture allowed
civilization to create a stable food supply. social structure civilization have a complex organization,
or social structure. this controlled through
different jobs and social levels.
social pyramid example:
1.) ruler
2.)landowners/priests/government officials
3.)common class (merchants crafts people ect.)
4.)slaves religion All civilizations need a religious system. This includes, set of beliefs, God(s), and place of worship.
government civilizations need a well organized system of government to help direct peoples behavior and
keep life orderly.The government is in charge of enforcing laws, construction, leading the army,
and distribution of food.Every civilization has their own style of ruler.
The arts All civilizations must have a highly developed culture including the arts, like painting, architecture, and music.
Culture is a way to show what a civilization values (important to them).
All civilizations create new forms of technology (tools or inventions).
These advances prove that a civilization not only developed, but also provided contribution to surrounding area and future generations.

All civilizations must have a highly developed written language.
The beginning of history means the beginning of writing. The first known language was cuneiform, created by the Sumerians
An example of writing can also be pictographs
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