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Wisdom: A "Treasure"?

By: Kimberly Pierre

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Wisdom: A "Treasure"?

"Wisdom is a Treasure"

The "Moral" of the Story is...
Acceptable behaviors

"seek wisdom"
"the value of knowledge"

To motivate people into making good decisions
Why it is used
"hidden treasure"

"wisdom is hidden within us"
"Hidden" aspect
- Not easy to find
"Valuable" aspect
- Must put in time and effort searching for them
-Personal values
-Worth a lot of money
But wait... What if some people get the wrong idea?
Hides how to achieve wisdom
Only states that wisdom holds value
Worth just as much as gold?
Quantitative properties?
Wisdom: No
Treasures: Yes
-Not everyone has good values or uses them to do good things or make good decisions
Bad Personal Values
"Wisdom is valuable"
A good thing or a bad thing?
Wealth- greed, arrogance, selfishness, etc..
To value wisdom as much as they value treasure
Infers that wisdom is an object

Need a metaphor that simplifies the idea of wisdom
Wisdom- important quality
Use knowledge we have and apply it
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