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Internet Collaboration

No description

Renee Chandler

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Internet Collaboration

Internet Collaboration
Renee Chandler - #0003912311
Digital Literacy 2.5

Interesting Fact:
Interesting Fact:
"Five Web-based tools that simplify collaboration"
Interesting Fact:
"The Future of Higher Education "
Interesting Fact:
Article is about how musicians are finding ways to collaborate with one another through the Internet.
"Today, the web brings us musical collaboration on a new,mass scale, in the form of entire music communities"
Credible Sources
The information from this article was verified by his web site. He is credible because of his years the music business.
"eJamming is jam sessions and social networking"
Credible Sources:
The article was verifed by MIT website where Kate Green was information technology editor at MIT Technology Review
From Wired magazine, there was an article about ejamming of how two musicians from across the world played together without being in the same room.
Green, Kate "MIT Technology Review" (March 25, 2007
The article is about to make music with others without being in the same place.
Fett "COLLABORATION" Performing Songwriter. May2006, Vol. 13 Issue 93, p68-69. 2p.
In the Music Producers Forum, talks more in depth about collaboartion on the Internet with musicians and future of musical careers through internet collaboration.
The article talks about different ways to make internet collaboration easy
"The key to collaborating effectively is to find tools that make working with others easy and efficient"
Credible Sources:
The author Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for Techrepublic and Linux.com. Also, an avid promoter/user of the Linux OS
Zoho is s an incredible Web-based collaboration tool. With Zoho, you can collaborate via chats, discussions, email, meetings, projects, wikis, and more. Zoho helps you to collaborate in so many ways, it would be serious feat to actually use them all for a single project.
Wallen, Jack TechRepublic (September 5, 2011)
"Unlocking the Power of Internet Collaboration"
Interesting Fact:
The article is about how Internet Collaboration will become the driving force social changes.
Internet collaboration will be a driving force of societal changes as it brings collaborating groups into play thus bearing the workload of the world.
Credible Sources:
Diane has been actively involved in various aspects of information technology since 1995. Activities include implementing information technology projects, developing enterprise application integration solutions (EAI) and liaising between clients and programmers providing IT solutions
In The New People Power article, computer scientist Luis von Ahn talks about internet collaboration can "They can communicate instantly, brainstorm and share calendars. Resources can be cloud-hosted, making them accessible anywhere – even on mobile devices."
Spencer-Scarr, Diane, International Journal of Technology, Knowledge & Society. 2010, Vol. 6 Issue 2, p1-16
The article talks about what the future holds for higher education
Collaborative education featuring peer-to-peer learning will become a bigger reality and will challenge the lecture format
Credible Sources:
Her expertise is concentrated in the future of networked information technologies. Anderson, an associate professor in Elon University's School of Communications
She is the author of "Imagining the Internet: Personalities, Predictions, Perspectives," published by Rowman & Littlefield in 2005.
Anderson, Janna "The Future of Higher Education" (July 27, 2012)
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