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Unit 2 - Computer Systems

Computer Systems - Yr 12s

E Duffy

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Unit 2 - Computer Systems

Configure a computer system to meet user needs
Now the computer is setup you are required to configure some of its settings so it is ready to be used by the users.
The academy has bought some standalone laptops to be positioned in classrooms. You are required to set them up before they can be used by students.

Use suitable safety equipment/tools and pay due regard to health and safety issues
Getting ready...
Assessment Criteria
Set up a standalone computer system, installing hardware and software components

Computer Systems
Quick Recap...
Install Operating Software - Windows 7

Using the laptop assigned to you, install your operating software (Windows 7)
Test a configured computer system for functionality
Mrs Duffy
You need to:

Set up at least 1 hardware and 1 software component.
Take screenshots of you completing this
Use suitable safety equipment /tools

Install Operating Software
Install Applications Software
Install Security Software
Install Device Drivers
Install Hardware
What is the difference between Hardware and Software?

Why are both needed?

Which is most important?
You need to install the following Hardware and Software:

You will complete this task in 5 easy steps.... BUT!!

You must record /video /photograph yourself completing each step.
Make sure you have a record of completing this task!
Install Applications Software - Windows 7

Now that you have your Operating Software installed, you are able to install your Applications software (Office 2010)
Make sure you have a record of completing this task!
Install Security Software - Avast Anti Virus

You now need to ensure that you have Anti Virus software installed on the machine to protect it (Avast Anti Virus Software)
Make sure you have a record of completing this task!
Install Device Drivers -
HP Scanjet

You will need to ensure you install the drivers for the scanners (HP Scanjet). You need to download these from Frog and save them onto your pen drive.
Make sure you have a record of completing this task!
Now you have installed all of the software on your laptop, you need to install some new Hardware. This will be a new memory card for the laptops to increase the size of the memory.
Make sure you have a record of completing this task!
Install Hardware -
A New Memory Card

What do you think this means?
What type of things might you look to change?
Next Task...
Using the VLE, use the tutorial videos to help you to configure the computer system so that it meets the needs of the users.

You will need to perform the following configurations:
Unit 2
Its a good idea to open a Word doc now and put some print screens into that document as you work through each task.
Well done - You have met the criteria for P5 if you have completed all of the tasks so far...

and have evidence to prove it!
Setup a standalone computer system, installing hardware and software components
Make sure you have a record of completing each of these tasks!
Well done - you should have met P6 if you have the evidence that you have completed each of these tasks!
You now need to produce a series of tests to make sure that you have installed the hardware /software correctly and that the laptop is ready for first use.
Produce a test table with suitable screen shots to make sure all of the above work correctly:

Software applications installed and work as intended
Correct time and date are set within BIOS
Avast scans automatically at correct time
Background set as NLA Logo
Desktop shortcuts go to the right place
Startup options are correctly configured
User accounts are created with passwords
Reconfigured tool bars work correctly
Correct device drivers are installed and functioning for the scanner
New memory is functioning correctly

The best way to record your tests is to produce a 'Test Table'
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