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First Week Chemistry

This is the Prezi for the first week of chemistry class - learning theory stuff.

Joshua Pretzer

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of First Week Chemistry

Welcome to Chemistry
Mr. Pretzer
Community of Learners
Learning in Chemistry
Structure of the Course
Assessment & Grading
Course Goals
Getting to Know You
Groupings in Class
Fish is Fish
Learning Beliefs Survey
How People Learn
What it looks like in chemistry
Critical Thinking Questions
Research Applied by Richard Light: http://isites.harvard.edu/fs/html/icb.topic58474/wigintro.html

See other Prezi for more on Groups: http://prezi.com/118409/
Comprehend and apply basic scientific concepts

Think as a reflective scientist, inquiring and reasoning like a chemist about experiences in the course and global issues

Demonstrate quantitative literacy
Performance Goals
Performance Goals
Process Goals
Process Goals
Manifest appropriate cooperative group skills to further the learning of all members of the class

Be diligent, persistent, and open-minded to individually engage with all aspects of the learning process
Periodic Table
Chemical Dominoes
Learning Through Challenges
Earning Honors
First Night's HW
Reflect on Fish is Fish by answering prompt on Schoology Quiz posted for tonight. Answer the quiz prompt and submit it, and you will get feedback before class tomorrow.
Based on your experience on Day One, your reading of the syllabus' first four pages, and your experiences as a learner, write a few expectations you have of me as an instructor and a few expectations I should have of you as an introductory chemistry student.
Formative Assessments, for learning
Summative Assessments, evidence for grades
Grades for each course goal
The honors option will be open to students starting the second quarter of the course. During the first quarter, we will work through and reflect upon honors experiences as a class, so that you can have a good idea of the committment to the process.

The syllabus spells out the details on this. More to come....
Lab Journal Guidelines
(Review After AC1 & 2)

Intro on Syllabus
for Questions

Expectations of a Student
Expectations of an Instructor
Course Managment Site
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