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Facebook Getting Started

What is the Facebook phenomenon all about, how to create an account, what can Facebook do for me? Facebook Privacy

judy barnett

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Facebook Getting Started

And wait there's more!
Facebook 101
Facebook is a hugely popular social networking site
Getting Started
enter your name
email address
then choose a password
Creating a Facebook Account
What is Facebook?
Why is Facebook important to me?
How do I create a Facebook account?
Account Settings
Creating my Facebook Profile
What level of privacy do I need?
People on Facebook
Facebook is free, you have to be over 13 to open an account
A Facebook Profile
This is where you edit information about yourself. You can add more information or edit this later
if you’re a business Facebook is a way for you to connect with your customers with a Facebook page
This information includes:
it allows you:
to communicate, connect and engage with family or friends
to share interests
to join groups
Understanding Facebook Privacy
Facebook privacy is complex and controversial in regards to how much
user information
is being
Facebook's privacy settings.
These settings let you control exactly who can see
the things you post.
Most Apps and Games are free, but you pay for them by sharing your information.

When you sign up for an App or Game, you must give it permission to do certain things.

This can include accessing your profile data, posting on your Wall, and viewing information about your Friends.

Once you add an App, it will never again ask permission before using or posting your information. For instance, if you give an App permission to post on your Wall, it can then post on your Wall at any time, without asking you to approve each post.
Thank you for attending

Part 1 Facebook 101
Part 2 Register now for
Using Facebook:
Setting up Privacy controls; apps and websites, ads, lists and using Facebook
Understanding privacy on Facebook
and as of July 2013 has 1.15 Billion users
50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
Approximately 80% of Facebook monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada. India and Mexico are highest users per capita.
Average user has 137 friends
People spend over 740 billion minutes per month on Facebook
contact info, high school, college, and employer, political views, relationship status etc. You can also find friends and upload a profile picture
Click Save & Continue when you're finished.
Click the About Tab
Under your profile Picture

It is important to have a good understanding.....
....of how your information is shared and what
Facebook has in place for
When you sign up to Facebook, your privacy settings are defaulted to EVERYONE
Everyone includes everyone on Facebook and anyone on the Internet that searches for your name
To protect your privacy it is very important to customize your privacy settings.
Privacy Settings are covered in Facebook Pt. 2

If you do not know this person or do not want them to be your friend on Facebook do not confirm the request.
5. Facebook uses facial recognition technology to identify you in photos.
Here are five essential things everyone should understand about Facebook privacy:
1. By default, the information you share on Facebook is publicly visible.

2. Some information from your profile will always be considered public, no matter which privacy settings you apply.

3. When you connect with
third-party websites and applications,
you're giving them permission to access and share information from your Facebook account.
4. Facebook advertisers use your public information to show you ads that are targeted to your interests and personal information.

A third-party application is a product developed apart from Facebook.com or Facebook's official mobile apps,

It is used to access Facebook and other Facebook data.
Twitter, Prezi, games, Farmville are all third-party apps.
On the website of the application you want to connect there is a button/link asking you to connect your Facebook account (usually "Connect to Facebook" or something similar).
Finding Friends

When you are on Facebook you can find friends who are on Facebook by searching for their name or their email address.
Task: Friend Requests

Type in the name or email address of the friend you want to find.
The pictures will help you find the right person.
You can also add a message
Send request

If you know this person and you want to add them as your friend on Facebook you can confirm their request.
Friend requests
The person will need to confirm your request.
This means that they agree to be your friend on Facebook.
When someone you know has sent you a friend request on Facebook you will see a notification.
Click on Not Now or Confirm the request.
such as
Facebook Pages
(for businesses and organisations) and Mobile Facebook
One-on-One Sessions on request
Using Facebook: Timeline, Wall, posts, timeline, News Feed, tagging, events, likes and comments, photos, mobile FB
To complete the sign up process go to your email
Go to
to sign up
In 2008 Facebook had 100 million users
You can text or video chat
You can follow your favourite business or club or movie star
You can find long lost friends or school mates or avoid them
You can play online games by yourself or with other around the world
You can post a view picture of others
You can also view videos others have posted
You can even POKE someone online
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