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No description

Nikki O'Brien

on 30 June 2011

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Transcript of Inferences

Inferring: when you can figure out what is happening because you connect your schema and the clues together! How very detective-like of you!

Use your detective skills as you watch these video clips to infer
the information you need to figure out what is happening. Here is a video of a crowd. See if you can infer what is happening. This is Sammy.
See if you can infer something about him. Watch this video about tigers. Use your background knowledge with clues that the video gave you to infer what could be causing tigers to be so endangered. Now for the pictures! This time, you will have to do your detective work on still images only!

Your agency has complete faith in you! No pressure! Try to infer what is happening in each photo. Infer what's happening in this comic. You will have your own copy to examine closely.
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