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final 4-5.3 westward expansion

No description

anne bacon

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of final 4-5.3 westward expansion

the Florida Purchase
(Adam-Onis Treaty) *result of friction between Spain and the US over boundary lines of the Louisiana Territory
*relations with Native Americans also IMPACTED the US's desire for this land
*Spain sold Florida to U.S. in exchange for $5 million and a clear southern boundary between the Louisiana Territory and New Spain 1803 Thomas Jefferson Westward Expansion Key Acquisitions the Oregon Treaty 1818 the annexation of Texas *Texas fought war with Mexican government
to gain independence the Mexican Cession acquired as a result of winning the Mexican War 1st 1/2 of 19th century Purpose/Location/Impact
of key US Acquisition Louisiana Purchase 4-5.3 Explain the purpose, location, and impact of key United States acquisitons in the first half of the nineteenth century, including the Louisiana Purchase, the Florida Purchase, the Oregon Treaty, the annexation of Texas, and the Mexican Cession. Purpose: to assist farmers along the Mississippi River who needed to transport their products downriver tot the French port of New Orleans and store them before export France sold for 15 million dollars doubled size of US acquired Louisiana to Idaho to Canada 1819 based on Lewis and Clark explorations a compromise with Great Britain avoided war 49th parallel/boundary between Canada and US independent country for nine years 1845 based on Manifest Destiny, President James Polk annexed Texas as part of US Mexican War(1846) was the result of Manifest Destiny. U.S. wanted port on the Pacific coast in the Mexican territory of California. Mexico would not sell. Troops sent in. WAR...US defeated Mexican army and took capital city. Treaty that ended the Mexican War brought bout NEW MEXICO, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, UTAH, and NEVADA $15 million
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