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the Civil War comes to Texas

No description

Allstars 2014-2015

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of the Civil War comes to Texas

thank yo
How the Civil War Started
The Civil War started when disagreement between the south states and the north states wanted slavery or did not.
The Confederacy was formed when Southern States move out and formed there own plantation.
How the Civil War ended
Lee was forced too stop fighting after being cornered though many didn't know.
Political Party-a political party is a group of people that try to make others agree with there thoughts.

The Civil War comes to Texas
The Confederacy
The Confederacy Army had about
5,000 soldiers.

Many Texans wanted to go too the Confederacy.
The Union.
Mexicans tend too join the Union, because of the pay and they where against slavery.
the Confederacy wanted slaves
42 Germans where hung because CSA supporters feared that they would support the Union
the Union was aginst slavery
April12,1862 confederacy troops open fire on Fort Sumter in Chaneston South Carolina.
In the War
After the war began, most Texans who previously
had been against secssion now supported
A group called Terry's Texas Rangers began getting very popular, but in their first battle Terry was killed.
the confedercy
some who joined the CSA army do so for their love of Texas and not for the CSA.
It also started when Abrham Liclon (the presedent)let the Northern States have slaves and not the Southern States.
plantation- a plantation is a smal town
cash crop- a cash crop is like cotin/food you sell
aucotion- a aution is a place to sell or a playce to bid
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