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Carlos Garza

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Important Points Persuasive Essay What it is? Start Your Essay The writer of a persuasive essay
presents his or her views on an
issue. Then the writer tries to
persuade the reader to agree with
that view. * Clear thesis to establish a position
* Sound reasoning
* Detailed and relevant evidence
* Counter-arguments
* Clear organization
* Conclusion Your writing should include: Clear Thesis Statement

First Persuasive Argument
Supporting Evidence/

Second Persuasive Argument
Supporting Evidence / Details

Alternative Arguments /
Counter Argument
Response to Alternative
Arguments. Develop Your Persuasive Arguments Sound Reasoning: There are not enough daylight hours to allow the participation of all the kids who want to play soccer. Lights on the soccer field would increase the number of hours in which games could be played. Therefore, we could form more teams and allow more kids to play.
Facts: Kids who play sports are healthier on average than kids who do not.
Examples: Since lighting its sports fields, a nearby town no longer has a waiting list to join soccer teams.
Expert Opinions: Police Chief Reyes says that lights on the soccer field would reduce crime in the area around the field. Gather Details Introduction:
* Indent
* Make sure you have five sentences. 5 (.)
* Clearly state your position - Agree or disagree
* Two reasons to support your point of view.
* State a counter argument Our town should place lights near
the soccer field so teams can play at night.

Lights will make the park around the
soccer field safer for everyone.

Lights will allow more kids to participate
in soccer.

Installing lights will be expensive. The
town doesn't want kids to use the field at
night without supervision.
__________________________________ Pretend that you have been writing to
a pen pal throughout the school year.
Write a letter encouraging your pen pal to move to your area. How could you convince your long-distance friend that your community is the place to be? Be sure that your letter is convincing and realistic.
1. State purpose
2/3 State Reasons
4 Counter Argument Persuasive Topic S - 1 ________________________________________________________
Thesis Sentence (state what your talking about)
State your first argument/reason in a sentence.
S-3 _________________________________________________________
State your second argument/reason in a sentence.
S-4 _________________________________________________________
State your counter argument in a sentence.
S-5 ________________________________________________________
Closing Sentence Hey Mari, I really want you to come to
Texas it is an awsome place! There are many places to go. There is very good food. Some people might say the bad thing about Texas is that the weather is very hot. I am sure when you come to Texas you will love it! Paragraph 2 - Reason 1 S 1 ______________________________
Restate Example 1
S2, 3, & 4 _________________________
Elaborate on Example 1
S 5 ______________________________
Closing Sentence There are many places to go in
Texas. S2___________________.
S3_________________________. S4_________________________.
S5 _________________________. Second Example: Paragraph 2 In Texas there is very good food.
S3_________________________. S4_________________________.
S5 Closing Sentence (Sentence
wraps up what you just wrote.) Counter arguments should be given to give an unbiased picture of the essay topic at hand. Bring to light all the arguments that refute your thesis.
Some counter-arguments are better than others. You want to use ones that are actually somewhat persuasive. There’s nothing to be gained by rebutting a counter-argument that nobody believes. Two things to look for are reasonableness and popularity Counter Argument
Paragraph 4 Counter Argument Paragraph 4 (1) Restate your counter argument sentence in a different way.
(2)Elaborate on your counter argument with one sentence.
(3 & 4) Use these sentences to let the reader know why the counter argument used against you is weak.
(5) Write a closing sentence that ties your four sentences together. Counterargument Example
1. Some may argue that students lack the responsibility to have drinks in class. A big concern may be that classroom
property may be damaged. 2.This, however, is not true. Students drink soda in the cafeteria all the time, and rarely is there a spill. Also, there could be a compromise where students only bring in clear liquids. This would eliminate any stains if there was a spill. A final reason is that there could be a rule that all drinks had to have twist on or snap on lids. 3.These reasons eliminate the concern of our lack of responsibility. 1. Introduce an argument that could be made against yours 2. Destroy it
with many solid examples 3. Conclusion sentence reiterating point Conclusion Your ending your essay with a summary of what you have written in paragraphs 1-4.

Sentence One: Restate thesis sentence.
Sentence Two, Three and Four: Restate the most important part of paragraphs 2- 4 in a sentence.
Sentence 5: Closing Sentence Final Products Paragraph One: Introduction
Paragraph Two: First Reason
Paragraph Three: Second Reason
Paragraph Four: Counter Argument
Conclusion: Summary
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