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White Fang

No description

Zach O

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of White Fang

by: Jack London White Fang Synopsis Notice Signification Configuration White Fang is a classic story of a wolf being tamed by man. White Fang was raised by his mother alone and had to learn how to survive in the wild and he learned to kill or be killed. Although when he meets man he must put everything he ever learned aside and has to learn to love, but even with the protection of man he still has to fight for his life and protect his masters. First sentence," Dark spruce forest frowning on either
side of the frozen water way"
Last sentence," This passed away as the puppies' antics
and mauling continued, and he lay with half- shut eyes, drowsing in the sun" White fang is full of figurative language for example,"life is movement" and "wild aims to destroy movement". There are metaphorical names such as White Fang, Grey Beaver the indian, Beauty Smith who was disfigured and White Fangs father One Eye. The author foreshadows many things in the end of the chapters usually to show what would happen in the next chapter like when Kiche had to go to the mother lynx's lair and kill her cubs to feed Withe Fang. The books text disruptions switch between
conversations of the humans and White Fang's
personal feelings and thoughts. Something that you look out for when you are reading this book is White Fang's laws, he learns these laws from hunting and being around humans. His Laws change when he is in different situations. White Fang is written in third person but the points of view change, the book starts with two men, then goes to the parent wolves of White Fang before he was born then goes to White Fang. White Fang is the protagonist this is shown by the title of the book and the fact that most of the book is about his life. Other important characters include Kiche( White Fangs mother), One Eye(His father), and Weeden Scott who was White Fang's final master and White Fang loved him the most. The actions from the animals in the book was to survive, eat and feed their young. The actions of the humans was motivated by greed, survival and compassion. The author also says how White Fang is felling so we can predict how he will react to events. When White Fang first met humans he thought they were horrible "gods" and he just wanted to be left alone by them. By the end of the book, White Fang learned to love his master and just wanted to be around him all the time. Coherence The details from the story all fell into his laws like "know the law of nature and man" and "oppress the weak and obey the strong." This theme occurred frequently and it builds up to the final challenge of White Fang where he nearly died for his master. The book ends in a conclusive manner when White Fang finds out he has puppies with a domestic dog and is happy living with his master and his family.
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