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No description

Gaby Durand-Morris

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Chomp

In the setting of the book Chomp it starts at Whaoo's house. After being at Whaoo's and Mickey's house then actor named Derek Badger from the show Expedition Survival. After that the setting changes. Everyone in the book goes to the Everglades. The main place where the setting is in the Everglades.
Make the best of what you have is the main theme. Mickey needed the job with Derek for the money. He could of rejected the job, but he was given the opertunity to help his family and he took advantage of that.
The Everglades in Florida
Wahoo Cray: Wahoo one of the main charachters of this story. He is the son of Mickey and Mrs. Cray. Wahoo goes on various adventures, each of them crazy and dangerous.
Tuna Gordon: Tuna is the daughter of Jared Gordon. She becomes a good friend of Wahoo's and she comes with them to the everglades after they realize that she was homeless and her dad was out of control. Later, she tries to save everyone from her dad when he tries to shoot them. Tuna showed her astounding bravery throughout the story in many differtent ways.
Mickey Cray: Mickey Cray is an animal wrangler who gets injured from a frozen iguana who falls from a palm tree. He is the father of Wahoo and he gets stuck in all sorts of situations that he must use intelligence and bravery to get out.
Derek Badger: Derek is thge snobby, stuck up star of the way too famous tv show, expedition survival. His over-inflated ego and his foolishness always get him into trouble.
Jared Gordon:
slides by Gaby, Asa, Isabella, Rebecca
Chomp, Book by Carl Hiaasen
Mickey and Wahoo are home alone when a T.V show called Expidition Survival drops in. Mickey is an animal wrangler and his animals go on T.V shows. He signs for a well paying job to get them out of the debt they were in because of his head injury from a frozen Iguana falling on it. The star of the show is Derek Badger, a stuck up actor who is supposed to be sticking it out in the wild, but he is eating lobster in a posh hotel. Mickey gives him a run for his money and they go on an adventure with Wahoo's new friend Tuna. Her dad is an alcoholic and a abusive dad. Missing actor, stolen boats, and a crazed gunman, what could go wrong.
Another example for making the best of what you have is with the charater Tuna. Even though her dad is an alcholic, She still is a smart llttle girl.
Carl Hiaasen was born in 1953 and raised in Plantation, Florida, After becoming an investigative reporter, Hiaasen began writing novels in his spare time
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