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Biodiversity - Jen's Copy

No description

Jennifer Balsbaugh

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Biodiversity - Jen's Copy

Biodiversity - the variety of life.
Crop Trust
What are heirloom plants?
Food Ark

National Geographic July 2011
By Charles Siebert
Photographs by Jim Richardson
Wheat is a staple crop for 35% of the world's population
Wheat provides more protein and calories than any other crop
TedEd Video: Biodiversity
What are the 3 intertwined features of biodiversity?
Plants must be open-pollinated, meaning they are pollinated naturally
Open-pollination preserves genetic diversity
What is stem rust?
A fungus
Takes nutrients from plant so plant cannot develop grain
Can cause grains to shrivel
Can cause stems to weaken and fall over so they can not be harvested
Why is wheat important?
NA Gulf Coast Native Sheep
North Ronaldsay Sheep
Fayoumi Chicken
Taihu Pig
Centers of Origin
What is famine?
Extreme scarcity of food
Currently parts of Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan, and Nigeria are facing famine.
What can you do?
Plant an heirloom garden
Buy local fruits and vegetables
Support pollinators by planting flowers
Learn about other cultures
Act responsibly!
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