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How to Read Literature Like A Professor: Chapter 24- And Rar

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Janie Millwood

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of How to Read Literature Like A Professor: Chapter 24- And Rar

How to Read Literature Like A Professor: Chapter 24- And Rarely Just Illness
One of Foster's quotes from the guidebook, give better ideas for how an illness is used to serve the purposes of a story.

"Real illness comes with baggage, which can be useful or at least overcome in the novel"(Foster, 225).
Peace like a River
correlates with Thomas Foster's guidebook through the illnesses that the characters suffer. Most of these illnesses do something to determine how the plot of the novel sways.
Enger, Leif.
Peace like a River
. New York: Atlantic Monthly, 2001. Print.
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Asthma Triggers Picture- http://immunoehealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/asthma-triggers-01.jpg
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Symptoms of Pneumonia- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/20/Symptoms_of_pneumonia.svg/485px-Symptoms_of_pneumonia.svg.png
The Most Common Scenarios that Illnesses fit into are:
Illness is mysterious in origin
They are never equal to each other
Should be picturesque
Strong Symbolic/Metaphorical possibilities
Snowflake Picture- http://www.news.wisc.edu/story_images/361/original/snowflakes.jpg
Tuberculosis Poster-http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/images/pr2009/pr008-09-poster.gif
Picturesque Image-http://www.likefun.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/fall_autumn_picturesque_marvelous_nature_4.jpg
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Scooby Doo Image- http://targetclickmarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/scooby-2.png
"His back was bony as a fowl's, for the pneumonia had consumed his surplus;he couldn't shore up against even my feeble thumping for more than a minute"(Enger, 116).
"Off in his bedroom Dad hawked something up, a dispiriting sound"(Enger, 111).
"Of course with Swede you got used to these periods of deep thought, but this was different; for she was Dad's nurse, and anyone knows a downhearted nurse signifies a sinking patient" (Enger, 116).
Janie Millwood, Megan Lime, Marion Wandene
Illness plays an important part in literature.

Role in Book- It can show development

Disease name can be coding for something specific to the author.
Tuberculosis(TB)- Victor Hugo(Les Miserables-Fantine)

Red Death- Edgar Allen Poe(Masque of the Red Death)

Fever- Charles Dickens(Various novels)

Cholera- Thomas Mann(A Death in Venice)

Small Pox- David E Shuttleton(Smallpox and the Literary Imagination)

Plague-Boccaccio(The Decameron)
These common diseases were examples that Foster used:
"Of course its awful when a person has a coughing fit that sounds like he is trying to bring up a whole lung, but the sufferer of TB often acquires a sort of bizarre beauty."(Foster, 216").
This quote links what is in the novel to what we read in Peace Like a River.
Main Illnesses
In Peace Like a River
Reuben's Asthma
Jeremiah's Pneumonia
Jeremiah's Pneumonia-

Picturesque?-Not Necessarily
Mysterious?- Yes
Unique?- Yes
Symbolic?- Yes
Outcome- Reuben and Swede undergo a mini-character development.
Reuben's Asthma
Picturesque?- Yes
Mysterious?- No
Symbolic?- Yes
Unique?- Yes
Outcome- Reuben undergoes various developments, leading to the ending scenario.
The four main points determine how influential the disease is.
Asthma and pneumonia play the main illnesses in
Peace Like a River.
Peace Like a River
How to Read Literature Like a Professor
show the reader how the outcome of an illness can affect the outcome of the novel.
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