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Elizabeth Harris

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of JESS JADA ALEX

What is a prophet?

What is the world behind the text?

What was the message of your prophet?

How was the message received at that time?

What is the message for today?
What is a prophet?
A prophet is a somebody who is a teacher. They have been chosen by God to follow his footsteps spread his word to others.
What is the message for today?
What is the world behind the text?
In Isaiah's time, Assyria had control over the Middle East. The Assyrian kings were struggling to keep their boundaries in control. This meant that David and Solomon were free to extend their boundaries and keep their kingdom independent from others. This also meant that their kingdoms were free from foreign control. Saul, David and Solomon were the first 3 kings of Israel.
Prophet Isaiah
By Jess Garbett, Jada Barnes and Alex Dale

What is the message of your prophet?
Chapter 2 of the Kings Book in verses 19-6, it states that: Isaiah said: “Tell your master, ‘The Lord says this: Have no fear of what you have been told as those words have blasphemed me.

Chapter 2 of the Kings book in verses 19-20 states that: Then the son of Amoz sent a message to Hezekiah: “This is what Lord God of Israel, says: I have heard your prayer and your concern of Sennacherib, the king of Assyria."

Chapter 2 of the Kings book in verses 20-1, it says "The prophet Isaiah is the son of Amoz. He went and said, “The Lord says this: Put your house in order, because you are will die and not recover.”
Isaiah is a prophet, meaning that he must follow God's footsteps. When we read his gospel today, the message for us is to have similarities to a prophet and follow in God's footsteps.

Mary Mackillop met Fr. Julian Tenison Woods who had was the father of a parish. He needed help to teach children religious education in the outback. In 1866, Mary opened the first Saint Joseph's School in an unused stable in Penola.
What was Isaiah known for when he was a prophet?
When did Isaiah become a prophet and what was happening at that time?
How did Isaiah die?
In 740s BC, Isaiah began his career as a prophet and continued to be a prophet for approximately 44 years, which means that he lived longer than Hezekiah. He was a prophet when the Assyrian empire was beginning to expand their boundaries, which was a threat to Israel.
Although there is no precise evidence of Isaiah's death, but it is believed that he died due to King Manasseh. According to Jerusalem, Isaiah was hiding behind a cedar tree when it was cut in half, resulting that Isaiah was sawed in half as well.
Prophet Isaiah
Isaiah was known for predicting the coming of Lord Jesus Christ to protect people from evil and sin.
In Isaiah's time, he spoke to many people about their beliefs in God and what they were like. He aimed to spread his message to many other people to follow in God's footsteps and be an example of God. Many people had different beliefs in God at that time as they were all still uncertain of God's work.
How was this message received?
Our custom research questions
When did Isaiah become a prophet and what was happening at that time?

How did Isaiah die?

What was Isaiah known for when he was a prophet?
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