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v r bt mr 8

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Jake Hoff

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of v r bt mr 8

Biological magnification Decomposition "An increase in concentration of a substance" Metal leaves Decomposition is when the tissues of dead organisms breaking down into simpler matter fresh (autolysis),
bloat (putrefaction),
decay (putrefaction and carnivores) and
dry (diagenesis). Mercury levels in fish are an example of the power of Biological Magnification. The level of Mercury in the water is low but is absorbed by the smaller fish. These small fish are eaten by larger fish which causes the larger fish to have a higher concentration of mercury. The four stages of decomposition Animals The process of substances like pesticides or heavy metals move up the food chain, work their way into rivers or lakes, and are eaten by fish, which then are eaten by large birds, animals or humans. The substances become concentrated in tissues or internal organs as they move up the chain.
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