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ulyses s grant

1822-1885 18th president of the united states (1869-1877)

tristin chapman

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of ulyses s grant

Ulysses Simpson Grant 18th President of the US
(1869-1877) born in Point Pleasant Ohio, on April 27th, 1822 His father worked as a tanner
His brother owned a leather shop.
After the war, Grant married Julia Dent, the daughter of a rich plantation owner in Missouri, on August 22, 1848 On October 25th, 1862, Grant was restored to a command post of prominence, with his appointment to the Army of Tennesseeand was soon ordered to seize Vicksburg, Mississippi. After the war, he was advanced to General in Chief, and served momentarily as Secretary of War under Andrew Johnson In February 1862, he took Fort Donelson in Tennessee Grant fought one of the bloodiest battles in the West at Shiloh Lincoln appointed Grant Lieutenant General-in-Chief of the Union Army in March 1864 He died on July 23,1885 on Mount McGregor from throat cancer About Grant. ThinkQuest.http://www.nps.gov/history/logcabin/html/usg2.html
The Hero of the War.National Park Service.http://library.thinkquest.org/3055/netscape/people/grant.html
Ulysses S. Grant.The World Book Encyclopedia.1997
Garcia, Jesus. et.al.Creating America.Avanston.Mcdougal Littel.2002
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