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Copy of Division's Path to Radical Change

No description

Willis Walter

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Division's Path to Radical Change

Educational Justice, Leadership & Policy Development as a Path for Radical Transformation
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Incoming Student Profile
Fall 2012 Student Profile
Headcount – 486
New Students – 109
Full-Time Students - 469
Full-Time Equivalent – 475
Florida Residents – 321
Male Students – 233
International Students – 18
Avg. SAT Score – 1230
Avg. ACT Score - 19
Number of Graduates - 78
Where are we now?
Where are we going?
7 Strategic Objectives

1. Increase Male Enrollment in Certificated Programs
2. Increase Overall Enrollment in Certificated Programs
3. Increase Passing Rate of Candidates taking the GK Examination
4. Increase the Number of Candidates that Progress from Sophomore to Junior status
5. Increase the Number of Candidates that Graduate from Certificated Programs
6. Increase the Number of graduates that at are employed in the state of Florida.
7. Increase the Number of graduates that enroll in Graduate School.

How does the College of Education get
Strategic Initiatives/Actions

Modify the Certification Area Curricula to satisfy testing requirements earlier
More involvement with the Daytona Community in Education Matters
Scholarship Initiative for Male Candidates
Sponsorship, Dual Enrollment & Scholarships for FFEA Juniors and Seniors
Restructuring Gen. Ed. Course Content to Match GK Math & Eng. Examination
Grant/Research Initiative for Ed. Policy, ESE, Early Childhood & Education Leadership.
Three (3) new principles used to teach each education course; engage using technology, expand candidate access to resources-beyond books, identify/build candidate advocacy.
Retention Specialist targeted scholarships and Intrusive Advisement
Reduce Student Cost for Education Courses (books vs. examinations)
Simplify Objectives for FF, Soph., Jr. & Sr. Candidates
Develop a Center of Excellence in Educational Leadership and Policy Building.
Develop On-Line Programs in non-cert. Early Childhood Ed., ESE, ESL and Business Ed
New Dolly Parton Imagination Library
Assessment Changes - to include New ISLOs/InTASC/Florida Standards

First-time Freshmen - Faith
Intro. to Faith
Intro. to Service (Attend School Board Mtg.
Complete Gen. Knowledge Requirements (Test)
Sophomores - Integrity & Respect
Intro. to Scholarly Advocacy
Service (through Field Experience)
Respecting Others & Themselves (Philosophy Paper & Mission Statement)
Integrity & Leadership
Junior - Service
Advocating for Others
Serving Others (PDS, CMS, TT)
Senior - Thirst for Knowledge
Create with Others in Mind
From Personal to Global Perspective
Internship - Advocacy In-action
Fall 2013 Student Profile
Headcount - 491
New Students – 123
Full-Time Students – 482
Full-Time Equivalent – 485
Florida Residents – 326
Male Students – 247
International Students – 14
Avg. SAT Score – 1190
Avg. ACT Score - 18
Number of Graduates - 66
Curriculum Changes
This Fall
Competencies will be embedded in learning community Gen. Ed. Courses
Restructuring Intro. To Ed., Contemporary Teaching and Professional Seminar
This Spring
Reconstruct Practicum Blocks A & B for Professional Education Courses
Pull Contemporary Teaching Course into Sophomore Year
Gender Specific Courses
Add a 6 week Professional Seminar Course for Juniors and Seniors

Professional Education Core
Physical Education K-12
Curriculum Changes
New course titles and course descriptions for Adapted Physical Education, Motor Learning and Development, Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Exercise Physiology, Foundations of Physical Education, and Kinesiology
Working on proposal for a minor in Exercise Science
Will be working with College of Health Sciences with their minor in Athletic Training
Establishment of a new student organization called “Strength and Conditioning Club”
Deactivation of the Physical Education/Recreation track
Meeting Specialty Professional Association standards (National Association for Sport and Physical Education aka NASPE standards)

Early Childhood Development (Birth-3 yrs.) Degree
ESL Certification
Early Childhood Certification Program
Mathematics Education 6-12 Degree Program
Master of Science Degree in Exceptional Education
Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Development
Five Year Degrees culminating with a M.S. in Exceptional Student Education

New and On-line Programs
ELL, GED/ESL Family Literacy
New Courses for a variety of proficiency levels
Vocational and academic courses; beginning through advanced extensive communication and articulation between adult and other adult education programs
Developmental education and freshman composition
Programs provided for & by Community Based Organizations (CBO)
Maintain a close working relationship with the community, referring students to social services and receiving students from such agencies.
Mainstream classes: Implementing an inclusion model. The practice of educating adult students in college classes during specific time periods based on their English language level.
Educational Justice, Leadership and Policy Development (Research Institute)
Convene an Educational Summit in late Spring/early Summer
To analyze and discuss current federal and state educational policies (e.g., policy opportunities, challenges, and obstacles to closing the achievement gap)
Establish a working conceptual framework for a Center of Excellence in Educational Leadership and Policy Development

Establish a Research Consortium with John J. College, Ford Foundation, Daytona Chamber of Commerce and the American Institute for Research
To Research and Analyze Educational Policies that endorse
Disparities in Early Childhood Care
Disproportionate numbers in Exceptional Student and Gifted Education Identification
Addressing minority students' under preparedness and under representation in STEM related fields
Development of the John Dewey/Carter G. Woodson Teaching Academy (Math & Science)

B - F.I.R.S.T
F - Faith
I - Integrity
R - Respect
S - Service
T - Thirst for knowledge
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel…”

-Maya Angelo
"Our Candidates will be the FIRST, change agents and advocates for education reform."
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