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Emanuel Leutze. Washington Crossing the Delaware.

No description

Dylan Johnson

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Emanuel Leutze. Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Picturing America Artist? Emanuel Leutze Bio Born: May 24, 1816 in Germany
Died: July 18, 1886 in Washington DC
Early Life: Moved to America, Father became ill. Sold Paintings.
College: Dusseldorf Academy and European Tour. Artwork in Picturing America? Washington Crossing
the Delaware. Historical Content: By: Dylan (the greatest) Johnson Works -Return of Columbus in Chains to Cadiz (1842) Private Collection
-Columbus Before the Queen (1843) Brooklyn Museum of Art
-Storming of the Teocalli by Cortez and His Troops (1848)
-Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth (1854)
-Westward the Course of Empire Takes its Way (1862) Capitol Collection, DC Content Themes : Power
Leadership Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Medium: Oil Paint & Canvas Format: Size: 149 X 255 in
2 dimensional
Realistic Inspiration Freedom
Popularity Elements and Principles Movement created by Line Emphasis created by Color Unity created by Color Contrast created by Value -Created in 1849-1851
-Events: Washington retreating from the British.
-Sun Topic Questions What life event most impacted the artist? How has the artwork impacted America and its history? Why do you think this artwork was chosen for PA? 1 2 3 4 5
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