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Tylenol Presentation

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Alyssa Williams

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Tylenol Presentation

The Tylenol Murders The Background Situational Analysis PR audience, PR goals, and objectives Our Analysis In 1982, 3 people were murdered by poisoned Tylenol Extra-Strength capsules
Product of Johnson & Johnson
Tylenol was 7% of total worldwide sales, and almost 20% of its total profits.
Happened again in 1986 with the death of 1 woman.
http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=8823562 S- They were a well known company and had a good reputation, Good management, public didn't blame Johnson and Johnson

W- Had Cyanide at the Tylenol Plan, Murder was associated with their product, Didn't know how many were poisoned which meant they had to recall everything.

O- Opportunity to recreate the packaging for a top prouduct, Raised morale within the company because they had to stand together in crisis, Put them in media spotlight

T- Amount of money it took to recall everything, Negative connotation with Tylenol product resulted in lower sales. PR audience- All Tylenol users, Tylenol distributors

PR goals and objectives- To increase public's liking of their product and their positive view of the Johnson & Johnson company as quickly as possible. And to prevent further tampering on their products All of the campaign's objectives and goals were appropriate given the circumstances.
The methods of communications between the company and public were effective. Such as allowing 60 minutes to do a special, and the public apology after the cyanide was found
The quick response time and honesty from the company added to the strength of the campaign
We don't believe they have any weaknesses in their campaign. The company did not shift blame, even when it could've been easier, the did not deny that it happened, evade responsibility, nor did they try to minimize the situation.
We have learned that it is a company’s responsibility to act quickly in times of crisis to protect the consumers safety. And effective use of the media is a crucial in terms of restoring brand loyalty The company quickly allowed for public investigation of their plants
Responded quickly
Allowed immediate media access (allowed 60 minutes to do a special on them)
Acknowledged that cyanide was found on their plant and publicly apologized
Chairman did several interviews both in newspapers and on TV
Offered award for anyone who could find killer
Recalled all of their products
Changed the packaging
Did a phone survey to check on public opinion Communication Strategies and Tactics - They achieved their goals of increasing public appeal towards their company
-in a survey few people blamed them for the events
- President Reagan said "Jim Burke of Johnson & Johnson, you have our deepest appreciation for living up to the highest ideals of corporate responsibility and grace under pressure" Evaluation
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