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India, Nepal, and Maldives trip

No description

Eshan Kumar

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of India, Nepal, and Maldives trip

$78.45 photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Nepal, India, and Maldives Trip Nepal Depart from SFO on 10/28 Arrive at Kathmandu(KTM) on 10/30 10/31-11/16: $900/person
Himalaya mountains are the tallest mountain range in the world
Home to the "ceiling of Earth", Mt. Everest
16 day tour will bring us to an elevation of 17,700 ft
Tremendous view of Everest Everest Base camp Depart from DEL on 1/13
Arrive at MAL on 1/13 Islamic Centre (1/14) India Hukuru Miskiiy (1/14) Sid Girkar, Ashish Keshan, Eshan Kumar, and Albert Tang Conclusion Depart from KTM on 11/26
Arrive at DEL(New Delhi) on same day Opened in November 1984
Biggest center of worship in the Maldives
Accomodates more than 5000 worshippers
MUST be properly dressed in order to enter Indian Geography Indian Culture Translated as "Friday Mosque"
Built in 1656
Main mosque for Friday noon prayers Indian Politics Taj Mahal (12/22) Tirupati (12/8) One-third the size of the USA
South of Himalayas, North of Indian Ocean
3 rough geographical regions:
Mountainous North
Fertile Plain
Rocky South
Climate depends on region Maldives Prime Minster: Dr. Manmohan Singh
President: Shri Pranab Mukherjee (Figurehead)
Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic
Parliamentary system of government (executive and legislative are intertwined) Many languages are spoken (Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Nepali) but Hindi is official
2nd biggest population of English speakers
80% Hindu, 12% Muslim, 2% Christian, 6% other
North, Northeast and South have distinct different cultures
Strong family ties
Conscious of social order and status in society
Food is almost all vegetarian, and is eaten with fingers Lohri (1/13) Spring Festival (on January 13th)
Dedicated to worship of fire
Gather around bonfire, offer prayer to Agni
Festivities, dancing, singing, feasting Considered 8th wonder of the world
Made by ruler Shah Jahan in honor of his third wife - Arjumand Banu Begum
He gave her the name Mumtaz Mahal meaning "beloved ornament of the palace"
The Taj Mahal was built for her, and its name is derived from her name, Mumtaz Mahal
Construction took thousands of people and lasted from 1631 - 1648(17 years!) Expense Report Janpath Market (12/28) Travel Plan Jain Temple
India Gate
Qutab Minar
Taj Mahal
Lohri Jain Temple (11/30) India Gate (12/4) Qutab Minar (12/18) Great bargains with cool stuff Hotels Smyle Inn Hostel (11/26 - 12/13) The Oberoi Hotel (12/13 - 1/13) Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour 9 day tour
Birthplace of Buddha + Golden Temple
Includes hotel + transportation
Learn about one of the largest religions in the world Expense Report Expense Report Hotel One and Only Reeti Rah Luxury Resort Sultan Park (1/15) Public park built over the ruins of the Royal Palace
Wing of palace that survived became the National Museum Experience Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal is actually an integrated complex of structures not just the white domed marble mausoleum Experience Flight (KTM - DEL) $464 Smyle Inn Youth Hostel Taj Mahal
The mausoleum of the Taj Mahal is entirely clad in white marble
Has an iwan (an arch-shaped doorway) and is topped by a large dome
The structure is a large, multi-chambered octagon with pishtaqs, or vaulted archways on each side $596.41 The Oberoi Hotel Taj Mahal Along with the main mausoleum there is also a mosque on the west of the mausoleum
On the east of the mausoleum they built the Mihman Khana or The Assembly Hall as a Jawab(mirror) $2,562 Indian Visa $304 Qutab Minar $18 Tirupati Entrance Fee $22 Taj Mahal Entrance and Fee $187 Total Taj Mahal Taxi $75 Resort (4 Days) $6,300 Food $2320 Islamic Centre Hukuru Miskiiy Sultan Park/Museum Food $6,824.86 $960 Flight (DEL-MAR) $1,162 Flight (MAL-SFO) $4,672 Total Experience Price (Rs.) Flight (SFO - KTM) $2,988 Nepal Visa Everest Base Camp $3,800 Buddha Pilgrimage Tour $3,600 Food $420 Taxi $270 Total $11238 $32 $24 $40 $13,190 $160 Final Cost: Rs. 1670785.38
$31,252 10/28-1/18 Unknown date of built
Most of the structures, are believed to have been built during the 10 century
The temple was built for Vaishnavism and Hinduism
Lord Vishnu is considered as the preserver of this universe in Hindu
The temple= most popular and most visited temple in India
Tirupati Temple also= richest temple of the world
Tirupati Temple is on Venkata Hill, on the seventh peak of the 7 Tirupati hills in the Chittoor district, in South India
Lot of people come to temple Saved: $4426; $1107 per person Tirupati Devotees come for the viewing (darshan) of the God Vishnu
Free darshan costs nothing but = up to twelve hours of wait in line
The faster darshan, Shikra Darshan, costs fifty to three hundred rupees
Prayers are offered frequently Tirupati Devotees who want good fortune from their Lord can do it by giving a small amount
The temple is comprised of Gopurams (towers)
the temple is an example of Dravidian style of architecture
Lots of festivals taken place here
However, 'Brahmotsavam' is the most famous festival of Tirupati Before Departure... Luggage:
Winter clothes (for Nepal)
Umbrellas (for India)
Summer clothes (for the Maldives) Price ($) 158,976.5 8512.8 202,179 191,538 22,346.1 14,365.35 597917.7 Price ($) Price(Rs.) 24,687.12 31,731.99 136,311.2 16.174.32 957.69 1,170.51 9949.34 3,990.375 123,435.6 364,857.02 Price ($) Price (Rs) 335,191.5 1,702.56 1,276.92 2,128.2 51,076.8 61,824.21 248,573.76 701,773.95 Indian Food Normally vegetarian
Eaten with fingers Tirupati Train (round trip) 4,192 Typical Nepalese cuisine ($6) Food in Nepal Food In Maldives Falafel wrap Rice + assortment vegetables
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