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Website Visioning

Mayor's Visioning Taskforce

Steven Kelly

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Website Visioning

August 12, 2013
the taskforce
Public + Private
the recommendations
usability = easy of use & user-friendly
open data
city departments collect lots of information

Residents + Businesses
the sources
the goals
open data
social media
build a mobile platform first.
make information accessible to all.
effectively using social media.
technology = cutting edge
design = aesthetics
content = well organized & timely
management & policy = strategic plan
website & mobile
social media
Seattle used Open Data to geolocate all Public Art

Open Data makes all
information easy to find
Allows private companies to develop apps
that the City would not be able to finance.

Open Data drives innovation
design and usability
who's using our site?
mobile first
consistency & uniformity
= 76.66%
= 6.61%
= 16.73%
need for consistency & uniformity
= 53%
< 18 = 6%
18-24 = 7%
25-34 =25% 35-44 =28%
45-54 =21%
55-64 =9%
65+ =5%
{ }
website & mobile
*wpb.org usage 2012-2013
social media
the way we communicate has changed
social media
what is social media?
public utilities
fire rescue
parks & rec
public works
city attorney

real time call data
response times

garage location
parking availability

sea level rise
public bathrooms

pavilion availability
walking directions



...and more!
open data saves money
Washington state moved to open data and a
single report on the "State of the Salmon"...
saved $10,000 in printing costs
"Open data reduces the frequency of FOIA requests, but also enabled the City to efficiently use the open data systems to fulfill requests when they are placed."
unified branding
*wpb.org usage 2012-2013
household income
= $50-100k
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