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Design Methodology

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Selene Ruiz

on 19 January 2018

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Transcript of Design Methodology

Design Methodology
Design is more than imagine, drawing and creating...
Designing is a challenge that can be made less complicated when you follow the steps in a well-structured methodology understood by the entire team. It is a team effort in which no one can fail, everyone has to work as hard as others.
1. Product Specifications
To set the specifications of a product, the first thing to do is to identify the customer needs list which represents the challenges to accomplish.
a) Translate these challenges on precise objectives.
b) THE WHOLE TEAM must agree in the design of the product that could be a failure or a success.
c) How to attract most of the chosen market segment.
d) How to resolve trade-offs (concessions) between product characteristics such as cost and benefit.
Specifications Methodology
"Accurate and Measurable Details"
Method 1. Target Specs
1. Develop a list of useful metrics
2. Obtain information on competitive comparisons
3. Set the right objective values, marginally acceptable
4. Think over the results and the process
Guidelines to Consider in Building the list of metrics:
a) Must be complete
b) Should be dependent variables
c) Should be practical
d) Should include the popular criteria for comparison in the market.
There are 5 ways to express the values ​​of the metrics:
- At least X
- Maximum X
- Between X and Y
- Exactly X
- A set of discrete values
Method 2. Final Specs
These are established once real technical constraints and the expected costs of production have been evaluated through these 5 steps:
a) Develop technical models of the product. (Prototype and Simulation)
b) Develop a cost model of the product.
c) Polish the specs making concessions where necessary.
d) Demote specifications as required.
e) Think over the results and the process.
Use standard software, such as spreadsheets.
2. Concept Development
Usually expressed as a sketch, as an approximate 3D model and sometimes accompanied by a conceptual brief.
A structured method reduces the incidence of any dysfunction, and also provides a process of 5 steps to break down a complex problem:
a) Clarify the problem by breaking it down.
b) Find information externally.
c) Find information internally.
d) Browse systematically.
e) Think over the results and process.
3. Concept Selection
It is the process to evaluate concepts regarding customer needs and other criteria.
The structured selection concept process has two stages; filtering and evaluation.
a) The filtering method uses a reference for evaluating concept variants against selection criteria and can use different benchmarks for each criterion.
b) The evaluation process uses praise highly selection criteria and a rating scale.
Both stages use a matrix as a basis selection process of 6 steps:
a) Develop the matrix
b) Rate the concepts
c) Evaluate the concepts
d) Combine and improve
e) Choose one or more concepts
f) Think over the results and process
*** Selection is applied throughout development and subsequent design and development process.
Mariano Rodriguez Espinoza

For References Read:
"Product Design and Development"
by Karl Ulrich
Develop the matrix:
Rate the concepts:
Combine and Improve:
Evaluate the Concepts:
Choose one or more concepts:
Always think over the results and process:
Gracias por su atención!
Use Classification Trees to explore in a systematic manner the concepts of solution space.
Use the join tables to integrate the solutions for the sub-problems in a total solution.
Optimize the time and resources available by:
"The Team could also use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to do precise simulations or implementing equations on spreadsheets in order to avoid expensive physical try outs"
The Team must has at least one member of each department: marketing, design and manufacture.
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