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Baka to Test

No description

cari clark

on 1 September 2012

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Transcript of Baka to Test

Baka to Test Auther: Inoue Kenji Genre: Fiction Charactors: Yoshi Akihisa Shimada Minami Himeji Mizuki settings: Fumizuki Academy Yoshi's Messy House right outside of Fumizuki Acadamy plot: At Fumazuki Acadamy each student has there own Shoukanjuu.The strengnth of there Shoukanjuu depends on there last test.For example class F is the lowest class and class A is the Highest.right now Yoshi is in class F.Yoshi is one of the main charactors although he isn't the smartest. Text-to-Text Text-to-Self Text-to-World it is kinda like Vapire Knight,Fruits Basket,and 7th period is a secret. I am kinda of like yoshi in a way he is weird and i am kind of weird to. Someone may be weird like most students in class F. Opinoin: I realy love this book i know others will like it to. The End
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