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Sunday School Network Update

Overview of Network

Jane.Moore Moore

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Sunday School Network Update

May 2012 Concept:
to form a collective which would allow us to become more coordinated in our efforts towards Sunday School across NSW/ACT. NSW/ACT Sunday School Network:
Update State Convention 2012 First get together where we identified some aims for the Network... What's Happened...? AIMS: to encourage connection and support amongst the Sunday School Coordinators and teachers across the network.
to undertake a process of identifying and reviewing the current lesson resources we have across NSW/ACT.
to work towards developing a consistent content plan (scope and sequence) from K-6 which we could make available to use as the framework for our curriculum.
to work towards devising a shared set of lesson plans which we could all implement. This would have to include in its design, flexibility to accommodate the different ways Sunday School children are grouped in our different fellowships.
to set up a context where we can share great ideas and successes with each other.Importantly, to encourage, inspire and enthuse each other about the role we have. Six monthly emailed Network Update
Resources Survey
Creation of Revival Fellowship Kids Website
Three-Year Curriculum Model with lessons for Junior, Intermediate and Senior classes currently being fine-tuned and uploaded to the website
Sunday School Teachers Workshop Continue with reviewing and refining lessons
Regular Network Update via the website Blog
Review our Child-Safe Organisation procedures

...Your input welcome! WHAT NEXT...?
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