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Copy of 13 British Colonies

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Michelle Zhang

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of 13 British Colonies

13 British 13 English Colonies Middle Colonies New England Colonies New York Southern Colonies Maryland Discovered in 1634 by Cecil Calvert. He came to start a colony for religious purpose.Marlands Eastern Shore and Western Shore prduces more sefood then any other body of water. Also Maryland produce dairy products. In 1814, when British attempted to capture Baltimore, it inspired Francis Scott Key to write the world to "The Star-Spangled Banner. Also during the Civil War, Marland was a slave state, but they stayed in the Union, so Marylanders fought on both sides and many families werewere divided. Also Maryland was the 1st state ratify the constutution. North Carolina
-this colony was founded in 1682 by William Penn so that the colonists could be wealthy enough to pay back debt. they also wanted peace, religious freedom, and to be treated equally. Discovered in 1712 by settlers from Virginia. The settlers from Virginia came for economic reasons. North Carolina grew tobbacco and there was a lot of natural resorses.
-When Juan Pardo built Fort San Juan it only lasted 18 months and the natives killed all but one of the 120 men there.
-By 1700 there were 4000 slaves working on small farms. Delaware South Carolina Citations New Hampshire Conneticut Plymouth Massachusetts Bay Rhode Island Maine Discovered in 1719 by a Friend of King Charters. He came for economic reasons.Until 1712, South Carolina was once a part of North Carolina. After Lincoln was elected as president, South Carolina was the first state to secede in Dec. 20, 1860.In South Carolina the soil is good for farming tobacco and cotton. -New hampshire was founded by John Mason and several other people in 1623.New Hampshire was founded for economic reasons.
-Benning Wentworth and the "Mason Propitiators"purchased robert mason's claims in 1762
- new hampshire was paid for by new england with the condition "that it remain always subject to English sovereignty." - Founded by Thomas Hooker and a few other founders in 1636 for political freedom
- In 1636 the three towns Hartford,Windsor, and Wethersfield formed the origional state of Conneticut
- Present day conneticut was created when the colonies of new haven and conneticut were united in (date) -In 1636 Rodger Williams founded Rhode Island for religious Freedom
- Anne Hutchinson founded Portsmouth in 1638
- In 1664, King Charles II gave Rhode Island the Royal Charter, a document that garanteed certain freedoms for the colony - plymouth was founded by the pilgims that arrived at massechusetts in 1620 for religious
- it was annexed by the Massechusetts Bay colony in 1691
- The pilgrims landed near the future location of plymouth on november 11, 1620 -The Massechusetts bay colony was founded by John Winthrop in 1630 for religious freedom
- In 1684, the Massachusetts bay colonie's charter was revoked
- in 1691 Massachusetts bay colony was given a new charter that merged it with maine and plymouth The Maine colony was founded by the plymouth company in 1607 for religious freedom
- most of the origional colonies were destroyed
- The first settelment, Popham, was destroyed by indians
- in 1691 it was merged with Massachusetts N.J. Pensylvania -founded in 1664 by the Dutch West India Company and the duke of york, this colony was founded for a chance at new life, money, and business;
- A typical new york farm was 50 to 150 acres consisting of a house, barn, yard and fields
-in autum of 1683 the first provincial elections in the history of n.y. were held. - Captain David Pietersen de Vries and some settlers from the lower colonies founded this colony in 1701 for trade opportunities and political reasons. State of New Hampshire (2011). New Hampshire Almanac A Brief History of New Hampshire. Retrieved from http://www.nh.gov/nhinfo/history.html

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http://home.comcast.net/~DiazStudents/ahistory_units_1.htm Virginia Georgia Discovered in 1732 by James Georgia.James came to Georgia for religious freedom. The land and climate in Georgia is good for farming. The main crops are tobacco and wheat. Discovered in 1607 by John Smith. John came to Virginia to search for gold. When the settlers first came to Virigina all they cared adout was finding gold and not farming, so a lot of the settlers died in the first winter. Virigina's land is good to grow tobacco. Virginia is the leading in livestock apples, crabs and oysters. New Jersey Lord Berklry found New Jersey in 1607. Lord Berklry found the colony for pliticaland religious freedom. Also a lot of small trade colonies started in new Jersey and spred out. Picture of what life was like back then in the Middle Colomies
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