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CTSS CPA 3A3 CEL Mohd Shafirudin (18)

Automation occure when machines are use to carry out a process or an activity with minimum human effort or supervision.

Mohd Shafirudin

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of CTSS CPA 3A3 CEL Mohd Shafirudin (18)

Computer and Productivity 1.1 Embedded processors and Automation Mass production is so common nowadays that some parts in your daily appliances may actually come form the same factory. That is why the computers that you use are cheaper nowadays because of mass production. AI is a relavitvely new branch of science. It aims to create machines that can find solution to complex problems. the problem - solving method is usally very sophisticated. 1.8 Artificial Intelligence Airport security Computers are used in airport to enforce security. For example, computers can be used to identify suspicious travellers instanty using face recognition technology Benefits of using Robots
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