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Ashley Freda

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Francium

Basic Information
Marguerite Catherine Perey


Curie Institute in Paris

Francium-223 is made when actinium-227 emits an alpha-particle.
What is Francium?
Physical State (at room temperature): solid
Element Classification: metal (Alkaline)
Color: silver-gray-metallic (assumed)
Melting point: 27 C , 300 K
Boiling point: 677 C, 950 K
Density at 20 C: 1.873 g/cm3

Francium Today
Where can it be found?
Francium is the second most rare element within the Earth's crust. It's said that only 30 grams of Francium is on Earth exists on Earth. It can also be made in a lab synthetically. Therefore, you'll probably be able to find it in a science laboratory.

How can we use it?
Well, due to it's rarity and how radioactive Francium is, there is really no use for it as of now. So it's only used for scientific research.
Atomic Number: 87
Atomic Symbol: Fr
Mass: 223 units
Protons: 87
Neutrons: 136
Electrons: 87
Group: 1
Period: 7
Electron Configuration:

Valence Electrons: 1

by. Ashley Freda
This uranium ore sample has about 100,000 atoms of francium-223.
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