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TOK Presentation: Bias (10/10)

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Lucia Echecopar

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of TOK Presentation: Bias (10/10)

To what extent are people able to overcome personal bias so as to consider different perspectives?
By: Lucia Echecopar
Real-Life Situation
Judges and Juries when considering a person's innocence.
In the USA: 4 out of 100 people killed by the death penalty are innocent.

Youtube <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kye2oX-b39 E> 20/07/2015
Fact Monster <http://www.factmonster.com/us/supreme-court/supreme-court-members.html> 22/07/2015
Kolenda, N. (2013).
Methods of Persuasion.
Kolenda Entertainment, LLC.
TED Talks <http://www.ted.com/talks/peter_donnelly_shows_how_stats_fool_juries> 03/08/2015
Patheos <http://www.patheos.com/Library/Roman-Catholicism/Ethics-Morality-Community/Principles-of-Moral-Thought-and-Action.html> 03/08/2015
Patheos <http://www.patheos.com/Library/Judaism/Ethics-Morality-Community/Principles-of-Moral-Thought-and-Action.html> 03/08/2015
In the US Supreme Court, 6 members are Roman Catholic and 3 are Jewish
Following the law
Allows for equal consideration
Unbiased guideline
Not all scenarios can be considered
Unconsciously affects decision
Religious code does not necessarily match the law
Effect of "expert testimonies"
Personal bias cannot be fully overcome, therefore different perspectives cannot be completely considered fairly by an individual.
Sally Clark Trial
Convicted of the murder of her two children on the basis of faulty statistics.
Mussweiler and Strack, 2006
Defense demanded 1 month.
Prosecution demanded 3 months.
Prosecution demanded 9 months.
Average conviction times

1st case: 4 months
2nd case: 6 months
"Expert" claimed that the probability of what had occurred was that of
1 in 73 million
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