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Roses Plants

Roses Plants by Latifah Abudjeen.

Latifah Abudjeen

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Roses Plants

Roses Plants The first plants on earth evolved in water.
today water still teems with microscopic
plants that have changed littel from those
distant ancestore. A flower is a specialized part
of the plant and develaps into
a fruit, which contains one or
more seed housed in ovaries .
these seeds must be pollinated
and deispersed to ensure the
contiuation of each spocies. Unlike animals, most plants do not need to find food becase they can make it for them selves the key to the way they do this lies in a green pig ment called chlorophyll, which gives them their characteristic green color. These flower also produce sweet smells, which attract bees and other in sects. according to the science encyc loped, roses are primarily pollinated by bees, including green flower bees, honey bees and bumble bees. Cources Tiny Pelals Nursery
Mini Roses Of Texas
Nor-Est Mini Roses
Pickening Nurseries, Inc
Aaregan Miniature Roses
Justic Mini Roses
Heirloom Old Garden Roses The short spines on these plants help discourage plant - eating animals from consuming the rosebush. animals that do attempt to eat roses are pricked, but not harmed. rose thorns do not grow on the leaves, and will not protect them, however. What are rose plants used for? Roses belong to the genus rose that has over 100 species. Some roses grow as a bust while others climb. This gueen of the flower world come in many colors in cluding yellow, white, pink and red ... What is a wedding rose plant? Though the wedding day rose plant is its common name, this english plant is also known as the rambler rose or rosa plant . Despite its name the wedding day rose is a climb in plant, not one you ... What is the life span of a rose plant? Roses are vigorous, sturday. Unless they are killed by freezing weather, fungal disease, insects or humans, they can live for a nundrednyear or more. The life cycles of plants. flowering plants have very diffrent life spans, ranging from months to centuries. A common poppy will germinate, flower, scatter seed, and die all within a single year. plants that live in this way are known as annuals. other plants , such as the wild carrot , take two years to complete the same process. How a plant is pollinaed
The fascinating shapes and brilliant colors of many flowers have evolved over millions of years to make sure that tine grains of pollen are carried from one plant to another. Roses Plant by Latifah Abudjeen.
Thank you!!!
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