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bombing of hiroshima


Jose Luna

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of bombing of hiroshima

why was the new bomb created. the new bomb was created so america can win the war who?and why did they bomb hiroshima america bombed hiroshima becuase they were at war and peple say that japan bombed pearl harbor. did hiroshima have revenge on america yes hiroshima did have revenge on america by droping the exact same bomb on their interim committee.
before the bombing of hiroshima, it was a city of considerable military significanse. it contained the headquaters of the fifth division and field marshal hata's 2nd general army headquaters, which cammanderthe denfenceof allsouthern japan. the city was a communacation centre, a storage point. even after the flames had subsided, relief from the outside was slow incoming.for hours after the attacke the japanes govermentdid not even know for sure what had happend. radio and telegraph communcation eith hiroshima had suddenly ended at 8:16am, and vague reports of some sort. in the early morning hours of august 6,1945 a b-29 bomber named enola gay took off from the island of tianian an headed north by northwest torward japan. the bombers primary target. was the city of hiroshima located on the delta of southwestern honshy island. facing island sea . horoshima had a civilian population of almost 300,000 and was an important military center. bombing of hiroshima Jones, william.''why hiroshima was bombed: the Utopians' dumpe a nation.''executive intelligence review.8nov 2002. <http://www.Iarouchepud.com/ other/ 2002/ review/ 2943 hiroshima .htm/>.
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