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Development Process

Development Process

Mark Ward

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Development Process

Development Procedures Mark Ward User need & Problem requirements Project Planning Project planning sets out how the project will be organised, showing who will be completing what and when they will be doing it. Problem Requirements What is the problem, and what factors are going to effect the development? Ideas on how the problem could be tackled. Investigations Surveys This could anything from demonstrations of current software to checking the resources available in the environment. System analysis If software and systems are already in place, how are they used and do they fulfil the user's needs? How could solutions be improved? Interviews Interviews, questionaire and observations can be used to assess the user needs more clearly. Design Visual Design Designing the layout and visuals of the software, decide on objects included on the form for use in code. Psuedo Code Psuedo code is the process of developing a rough version of your software code and taking notes on how the process will work.
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