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Empathy Map template, Edgar Estupiñan

Created by Edgar Estupinan

katherine Roberts sánchez

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Empathy Map template, Edgar Estupiñan

- There is an “academic elite” at the University.
- In the future, he wants to follow either a MSc., or PhD., after working a period of time.
- The University trains students, who are not well connected to the “real world”.
- The University students are like an “elite” among the society, they feel inside a “bubble”.

- He feels that academic staff consider themselves as an elite in the University.
- He fells that his social skills are not good enough to be able to find a good job.
- He does not feel well prepared in terms of suitable formal behaviour for the workplace.

-During the interview, he talks fluently and very sincere and openly
- He also showed interest and curiosity to know more about the subject, and he made questions about how the administration of the university works.

-The University is not as good as it is usually advertised.
- It is evident a notorious difference between the “academic world” and the “real world”.
- There is not a strong link between the University as an Institution and the external environment (regional and national context).
- The University should offer courses that incentive more teamwork and multidisciplinary studies.

A four-year undergraduate student of Archaeology, open mind, critical and curious.
- The University needs to have a good offer of courses that promote teamwork for students of all disciplines.
- The undergraduate students do not feel well prepared to face up the “real professional world”, mainly in terms of their social skills (soft skills).
- News and information given to students is not good enough in terms of quality and quantity.
- Undergraduate students need to improve their soft skills.
A four-year undergraduate student of Archaeology, open mind, critical and curious and highly empathetic with his peers.
in order to feel that they are better prepared
for the professional world.
School to
by. Edgar Estupinan
August 5th, 2013
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