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Napoleon Bonaparte: Power-Hungry Tyrant

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EJ Perez

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte: Power-Hungry Tyrant

Napoleon Bonaparte:
Power Hungry Tyrant Christopher D'Aloia
Ej Perez Work Cited Introduction Rise to Power 1785- at the age of 16 Napoleon finished school and became a lieutenant in the artillery.
Napoleon became known as a hero after he successfully defended the delegates from royalist rebels
This would be one of the earliest instances of Napoleon using his reputation to gain power in the military
1796- he was appointed leader of the French army against Austria and the Kingdom of Sardinia
He was defeated by Britain's naval forces but kept the reports to himself.
He could not stand to admit that he had lost and was in fact inferior to Britain.
This shows Napoleon caring so much about his reputation that he would lie to his entire country
The French Directory lost control of France and the confidence of the French people.
1799-Napoleon performed a Coup d’Etat
Put in charge of military and quickly became first consul of French Republic. Was now dictator of France Social Capabilities Bonaparte, being the egotistical maniac he was, believed that all he needed was himself to be powerful
It is said in Napoleon's diary entry that he loved nobody
He had friends, but he knew they were fake and was perfectly fine with it as he also only cared about his own brothers by a shallow depth
The appearance of having friends was what Bonaparte cared about, as it would make him seem like a better man
He married twice, his first wife named Josephine, the one he never cared about at all
Bonaparte divorced Josephine solely due to the fact that she could not bear his heir
He married Marie Louis, a relative of Marie Antoinette, in order to make ties between France and Austria, which would strengthen Bonaparte's army
In short, Bonaparte did only the necessary social activities in order to give him a better chance of more power instead of actually caring for other human beings
This is because Bonaparte thought himself to be a God amongst men(as portrayed in many of his portraits) Political Cartoon Conflicts of a Selfish-Man in Battle Napoleon Bonaparte was the Emperor of France from 1804 to 1815
He input many reforms and regulations that were suppose to help France
In reality, he was gaining power for himself
Bonaparte slowly weaseled himself into power
He seized opportunities and struck at opposing powers when they were weak
However, his hunger for power and battle ultimately caused his downfall and exile to the island of Elba This cartoon shows Napoleon sitting across from an English leader
They are both cutting parts of the world as if they are cutting a turkey
This represents the two parties striving to gain power and conquer countries
This also shows that Napoleon Bonaparte was a power hungry tyrant who wanted to conquer as much land as possible
The picture specifically shows Napoleon cutting out Europe Changes He Made Bonaparte made many changes to France, all of them were suppose to benefit the country but did they?
Many of these changes were actually just to build up Bonaparte's power and army or feed his selfish wants
He made himself First Consul, and kept on weaseling his way into higher powers until he eventually became the Emperor of France
He reformed the nation's educational system not out of care for the people, but instead manipulated it into a harvest of worker's crop
Not only did it help create beneficial jobs to increase Bonaparte's power, it also was a ploy to give Bonaparte public face and increase popularity
Later, he signed the Concordat of 1801 with the Pope in order to combine the Church and government
Not only did his plan to weaken the power of the Church(in turn giving him more power)not work, it actually gave the Church some powers that it didn't have before the Revolution
The whole point of Bonaparte becoming leader was because he was suppose to be able to carry out the ideals of the Revolutionaries
This was not the case, as Bonaparte only cared about himself and how he could get even stronger and stronger Peninsular War Russian Campaign In 1808, Napoleon sent an army through Spain to invade Portugal
He did this because Portugal was ignoring Napoleon's Continental System
Napoleon's attempt to gain more power soon back fired when Spanish guerrillas started attacking French troops
Napoleon's mistake got even worse when Britain send in troops to aid the rebels.
Napoleon lost 300,000 men in this war for the sole fact that he couldn't stand to be disobeyed by other countries In 1812, Alexander I, the czar of Russia, refused to stop selling grain to Britain which violated Napoleon's Continental System
This broke the countries alliance
Once again Napoleon marched his Grand Army to invade another country, this time it was Russia
The invasion would ultimately lead to his defeat and exile
If Napoleon had not been so stubborn and power hungry, he might have not lost his power over France Beck, Roger B., et al. Modern World History Patterns of Interaction. Evanston: McDougal Littell, 2001. Print.
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