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Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2017

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Skype/Face Time

Microsoft Word
Explain Everything

Computer Tower
by Isaac
The school is closed and you need to do school work but how.
Skype and Face Time allow us have face to face communication without actually being with the person. My teacher can give me feedback on my work using these apps.
In word I can write a narrative for my teacher and write facts about rocks.
In Explain Everything I can draw and record maths strategies. I can also write a story and record it.
I can make a maths video upload it for my teacher see. I can also learn about rocks by looking at YouTube videos.
The End
Google Chrome
In Google Chrome I can search up facts about rocks and search for maths strategies.
Microsoft PowerPoint
In PowerPoint I can create and present facts about rocks. I can also write a narrative for my teacher.
In Onedrive I can save a photo of Uluru and I can save word documents so my teacher can see it.
On an iPad/tablet I can download apps to help me learn such as Explain Everything. I can also get apps like YouTube to watch my maths strategy.
On a desktop I can search facts about rocks and I can log into Life so I can upload my maths strategy for my teacher to see.
On a laptop I can search up how to do some maths strategies and I can use different apps to help with my learning.
A computer tower connects to a desktop monitor. On this I can view my maths strategy. I can also search up facts about rocks.
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