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Character Types and Depths

Del Oro English 10

Joel Agee

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of Character Types and Depths

characters who learn, grow and change
undergo change through the story:
gain new understanding
make an important decision
take crucial action
Dynamic Characters
the actors that drive the story forward
who the story is about
have different types and levels of depth
don’t change through the story
they’re pretty much the same
at the end as at the beginning
three dimensional
characters with many traits
and complex personalities
Round Characters
two dimensional characters
with only a few character traits
the writer doesn't provide as much detail
Flat Characters
characters who contrast each other
they emphasize each other’s differences
changed by the plot

Ebenezer Scrooge

from A Christmas Carol
a character, force or combination of forces that oppose the protagonist
antagonists causes conflicts
the main character (or characters)
the central character the story focuses on
Most episodes,
Homer doesn’t change
Plot doesn’t change her personality
Static Characters
Dynamic Character:
Evil Mom from
starts selfish, stays selfish
In most
Homer starts clueless
and stays clueless
Cookie Monster
likes cookies
likes counting
The Count
"The Most Dangerous Game"
is big and scary
Don't look down on flat characters:
they play an important role
in establishing setting, conflict
and moving the plot along
Round Characters are the writer's focus.
Protagonists and main Antagonists
are almost always Round Characters.
Bigger, longer stories tend to have more
Round Characters in them.
Don't look down on Static Characters:
they play an important role in helping
the Dynamic Characters change. If all
characters were dynamic, the story would
quickly become too confusing.
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