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Jenifer Rheberg's Teaching Portfolio


Jenifer Rheberg

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Jenifer Rheberg's Teaching Portfolio

My Philosophy of Special Education
Every good teacher looks within themselves to see if their approach to educating students is working effectively. Due to my past experiences in a teaching environment, I feel I can service the educational world positively and effectively by offering additional instructional organizers, practices and motivational strategies. I find it important to ask myself daily, is what I am doing going to benefit the student in their daily progress? I will continually collaborate with colleagues, administrators, and stakeholders to establish guaranteed and viable lessons that are differentiated and rigorous. I feel my success in the past has prepared me to motivate young students to develop a work ethic that helps carry them towards a post-secondary education and become life long learners.
Examples of Meeting CCGPS Standards
* Use a pre and post assessment data collection
* Break down how students preformed on the two CCGPS
standards represented by this unit
* Determine my teaching focus for initial and reinforcement instruction.
Creating ways for everyone to learn!
Jenifer Rheberg's

Examples of Meeting CCGPS Standards
Standard 5: Indicator 5.6: Allows opportunity for student self-assessment.
Examples of Meeting CCGPS Standards
Standard 2: Indicator 2.5: Plans instructional strategies and activities that facilitate multiple levels of learning.
To create a working self-assess environment during my 7th grade math unit, I used the
Ancient Greek Challenge

from the CCGPS recommended activities in a large group to reinforce the skills required to formulate different shapes used.
* A protractor and interwrite board were used to work through drawings #1 and #2 challenges.
* Then I had the students work individually or in pairs on the drawing # 3 through #8 challenges while I walked around the room giving individual differentiated instruction to reinforce the standards and to check the students work.
* Once everyone had answered the questions I had the students come back to the large group setting to draw the challenges out on the interwrite board and make self corrections on their worksheet.
During the 5th grade math resource unit I was teaching I was able to facilitate multiple levels of learning through the use of CCGPS

suggested activity of
"What is the Better Buy worksheet."

This worksheet allowed me to use:
* Step by step process
* Find the number patterns
* Formulate how to graph the number pattern data
* Create coordinate plane graph
* Use cut out roller coaster cars to mark their ordered pairs
* Understand how to set up a graph within the first quadrant.
Classroom Management
The classroom management plan is designed to give the policies and procedures that special education students need to understand and practice in order for a positive learning environment to be established.
Level of Classroom Structure
* Establish a safe learning environment
* Incorporating non-aversive approaches
(breathing techniques, having the student count to ten before beginning , chunking the steps of assignments, etc.)
*Developing a goal of self-efficacy skills
Guidelines for Success
* Positive enthusiastic attitude
* Readiness to except change in any student’s behavior at
any time.
* Paying attention
* Taking notes
* Listen to the students and asking questions
* Consistently show encouragement
My goal with classroom rules is to give students a structured environment with the least restrictive learning environment
Give Me Five
1.Eyes on Speaker
2.Lips Closed
3.Ears Listening
4.Sit up Straight in your seat
5.Hands and Feet Quiet
Teaching Expectations
To control behavior and the learning environment there needs to be an understanding that the golden rule is to treat others the way we would want to be treated. It is important to reinforce the value of how we need to behave and the individual students educational goals that allow them to conduct themselves appropriately.
Standard 4: Indicator 4.2: Implements instruction based on diverse student needs and assessment data.
After analyzing the data graphed above, I chose to focus on the number patterns which is the 2nd standard within the unit. To make sure I reinforced these rules for number patterns I incorporated
prezi presentations
that allowed me to break down the step by step process of finding the number patterns. I also used
online math games/computer based testing
to continue the process of connecting the areas that the students were struggling with.
Continued Examples of Meeting CCGPS Standards
Number Patterns Slide Presentation:
Coordinate Planes Slide Presention:
Online Math Games:
YouTube Clip:
Used to show how number patterns can occur in everyday situations.
Jenifer Rheberg
Thank you for taking time to view a small sampling of my portfolio.
Teach standards based curriculum
Teach social and behavioral skills
Eleven years of training and supervisory experience
Adapt easily to new concepts, ideas and ever
changing learning environment
Extensive knowledge of technology
Worked in co-teaching/resource learning environment
Created lesson plans that were aligned with the CCGPS standards and provided differentiated instruction
Use Love and Logic behavior management approach/Positive Reinforcement style for behavior management
Collect and analyze student performance and behavior data
Conducted Parent /Teacher IEP meetings and conferences regarding student recent academic performances and behaviors
Worked 4 years at the Special Education Board office as the Data and Budget Specialist at Effingham County Public Schools.
Computer Based Testing:
Examples of Meeting CCGPS Standards
Other Types of Technology Based learning:
Compass Learning, ixl.com, extramath.org, readtheory.org, learningearning.com, classdojo.com, Learning Earning, studentfuse.learning.com, plickers.com
Standard 4: Indicator 4.1: Use a variety of instructional strategies that align with learning objectives and actively engage students.
During the 3rd grade math small group instruction, I was reinforcing multiplication and division skills learned from Unit 3 of CCGPS

suggested activity of
"Count me in."

This activity allowed me to use:
* Step by step process for reading the math problem from computer screen
* Finding the numbers needed to set up the problem
* Formulate math problem on the their white boards
* Students then enter the answer into the computer
* Additional internet based instructional programs ixl.com, xtramath.org, and compass learning.

Behavior Plans
1. Class rules simple and clear providing structure for daily schedules and behavioral expectations.
2. Reward positive behavior through offering choices, allowing flexibility and having systematic prompting.
3. Allow for mini breaks for extra time and quiet areas for breakdowns.
4. Fair treatment for all by avoiding power struggles and negative language.
5. Motivational strategies for their assignments.
I have used behavioral contracts in the past to help specify the appropriate behavior and motivate them with reinforcers that the students can earn when displaying the correct behavior. Some programs I used are classdojo.com, learningearning.com and reinforcement cards asking them how they did today. (example pictured below)
5 Main Goals for Behavior Plans
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